Father José de Jesús enters the MasterChef Celebrity Mexico 2023 kitchen with faith and culinary ambition

The famous father José de Jesús, accepted to go to MasterChef Celebrity 2023, but who is the renowned priest?

Father José de Jesús is one of the participants of MasterChef Celebrity Mexico 2023, which came as a surprise since no one expected the famous priest to join a contest of such a category. If you are a follower of entertainment, you will surely have heard about Father José de Jesús Aguilar Valdés – 68 years old -, since he is a well-known television priest.

Even personalities such as Carmen Salinas -who died at the age of 82- had a close relationship with Father José de Jesús.

But who is the resilient father, now a contestant on MasterChef Celebrity 2023? We tell you.

He is Father José de Jesús, the famous priest who joins MasterChef Celebrity 2023.

Father José de Jesús is one of the participants of MasterChef Celebrity 2023, although he says “I am not a celebrity”, he has all the interest to show his resilience in the contest.

The reality is that the priest is more than well known in the world of show business, not only for performing masses on several television stations but also because he has even appeared in melodramas.

Father José de Jesús has participated in several of Televisa’s soap operas when the story narrates a religious wedding, the priest who officiates it.

But he has not only worked for Televisa, he has also worked in:

  • TV Azteca
  • Univision
  • Telemundo
  • Discovery Channel
  • History Channel

He has also worked as a religious broadcaster on Radio Fórmula and Imagen Radio.

According to his own description, since he was a child he had the desire to excel and his parents took him to participate in several television programs.

The MasterChef Celebrity 2023 participant was born on June 20, 1954, in Mexico City, and is the fifth of 8 siblings, his parents being from Arteaga in Coahuila.

Father José de Jesús made the decision to begin his priestly formation at the age of 18 and it was at the age of 26 when “I received the priestly order,” he said.

He revealed that he always had an interest in communication, so he was instructed along that path with:

  • Dancing
  • Music
  • Acting

The priest has achieved through this communication a better understanding of the Gospel.

Also, at the age of 25, he began to work in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico, where he had a better approach to the media.

“They wanted information about Corpus Christi, what Holy Week was, why there were certain festivities and at that level of news I began to participate.”

Father José de Jesús.

Before that opportunity, Father José de Jesús asked the Cardinal to participate with the Gospel from the area of the shows, “to bring the distant people closer”.

During his time as a priest, Father José de Jesús has written 12 books, like Pintura mexicana en lámina (Mexican painting in plate), El día que Santa Claus lloró (The day Santa Claus cried) or 365 días para acercarse a Dios (365 days to get closer to God).

Father José de Jesús, the MasterChef Celebrity 2023 contestant, has made the Gospel accessible to everyone.

Father José de Jesús has not only brought the Gospel to the world of show business, but he has made it accessible to everyone.

The priest not only has his official website where he shares about the church, but he also has his own YouTube channel where he addresses topics of the same nature.

Here you can find the transmissions of the Sunday mass, as well as explanations of the saints that are celebrated every day.

In addition to one or another funny video, for example, dancing ‘La boda del Hutlacoche’, as he studied dance, too.

Father José de Jesús accepted to enter MasterChef Celebrity 2023 despite having health problems.

Father José de Jesús shared the reason why he decided to enter MasterChef Celebrity 2023, even though he said he has health problems.

The priest told that he is in the middle of prostate medical studies since he said that they detected a problem and they are looking for the answer to it.

He pointed out that he is even having to wear a diaper because of the medical problems he is having, but he trusts that they are not serious.

This is not a limitation for Father José de Jesús to decide to participate in MasterChef Celebrity 2023, as he even said that he is willing to be cooking and working.

Due to the doubts that may have arisen due to his participation in the reality show, the priest made clear the reason why he accepted to compete.

“I am not a great cook, I only prepare very simple things (…)”

Father José de Jesús.

Father José de Jesús has as his goal in MasterChef Celebrity, to learn how to cook and this will come from the “masters”.

“That’s how you learn, by pointing out the positive, some tips and also humbly recognizing mistakes. So I will go in with a humble heart learning my mistakes and doing what many people do at home, learning and experimenting.”

Father José de Jesús.

He also said he wanted to help people with leprosy, of which Father José de Jesús has been a chaplain for some time. He has even made plays with the purpose of warning about the disease.

Father José de Jesús, the contestant of MasterChef Mexico 2023, was kidnapped.

The priest had to live in Iztacalco, CDMX, a kidnapping from which he was miraculously saved because his car was recognized by a procession that crossed their path, said Father José de Jesús.

Just as he has been popular on television, the same thing happened with the parishioners, so his car was well located.

The contestant of MasterChef Celebrity 2023, said that he was hit when he was in his car and was taken to the back on the ground.

The kidnappers took his car and drove, but in the middle of it, they met a procession that wondered where the father was if that was his car.

The kidnappers got out of the car and asked him to continue without turning back, and although the father thought they were going to kill him, they did not.

Father José de Jesús tells that he went to report his car stolen with the help of the people because he was wounded by the blow.

Father José de Jesús’ car was found crashed a few blocks later and the kidnappers were no longer there.

With information from ‘Aleteia’, ‘TVNotas’, ‘Matilde Obregón’.