Who is Feid’s ex-girlfriend, Nicole Betancur, and how did she respond to Karol G?

Meet the Colombian influencer Nicole Betancur and how she reacted to her ex Feid's new love story unfolding in Miami's limelight.

For several months, Karol G’s fans speculated about a relationship between the singer and Feid, even being questioned at her concerts about their relationship status, until the urban artists confirmed the rumors by being captured together at an airport in Miami.

The photos also ended the messages that Anuel AA sent to “La Bichota,” which included Feid, in which he assured that he still missed the singer, his partner for two years.

Although the Colombian celebs avoided the controversy, it didn’t take long to appear when Nicole Betancur, Feid’s ex-girlfriend, made a strange publication on TikTok.

Who is Nicole Betancur?

Nicole Betancur is a 25-year-old Colombian influencer and model with a big presence on social networks, where she stands out for her dancing and lip-syncing videos.

Currently, the figure lives in Florida and has more than one million followers on Instagram and 5.1 million subscribers on her TikTok profile.

Nicolae Betancur fact-sheet

  • Name: Nicole Betancur
  • Date of birth: October 9, 1997
  • Place of birth: Medellín, Colombia
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Nationality: Colombian
  • Occupation: model, businesswoman, and influencer
  • Instagram: @nicolebta
  • TikTok: @nicolebta1

Feid’s inspiration

Through her social networks, the young influencer has revealed that she has been key to the release of successful songs by the urban artist, either as a voice in his songs or composing his lyrics.

The Colombian singer is said to have helped compose “Chimbit*” and “8 Diax”, in addition to being the voice in songs like “Fumeteo,” where she talks directly with the artist.


Answer to @maatihernandez SI 🤣 pero me pusieron a hacer Voz de grilla yo no hablo así tampoco ( es actuación)

♬ original sound – NIKOLE

Why did she break up with Feid?

For now, neither the influencer nor the urban artist has referred to the reasons that led them to separate, although the breakup seems to be on good terms.

In a live broadcast, Betancur assured that she has no problem listening and dancing to Ferxxo’s music because outside of their relationship, she is a big fan of his work.

The hint she sent to Karol G

Through her TikTok account, the model shared a video using a viral track in which she coordinated her movements to make a dub with the message: “My love, the truth is that you would look better with me, but that’s up to you and your bad tastes.”

While the audio is very popular on social networks and several users have used it, the content was considered a hint to Feid, who confirmed his relationship with Karol G a few weeks ago.

Due to the uproar caused by the publication, several users accused her of not getting over “Ferxxo,” the influencer shared a story in which she denied that her video had a second intention.

“With that person (Feid), I ended almost two years ago, and the only feeling I have towards him is a lot of love and gratitude,” she explained. The feeling was extended to Karol G, who assured her she has “a lot of admiration from woman to woman.”

In the same way, the 25-year-old made it clear that she will not speak out again on the subject or lend herself to controversy on social networks.

“I ask for more awareness, pay more attention to what is important, verify the information before (creating controversies), do not get carried away by people who only want to cause controversy or damage and spread false information,” she said.