Who is ‘Fofo’ Márquez, and why he became a trend after Julián Figueroa’s death

Influencer Fofo Márquez faces backlash after speculating on Julián Figueroa's death, while flaunting his luxurious lifestyle to millions of followers.

Rodolfo Márquez’s son, better known as Fofo Márquez, is a young Mexican who rose to fame due to his content on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, where he constantly shows the eccentric and luxurious lifestyle he claims to have. However, the influencer has been the protagonist of multiple scandals due to his statements and actions.

The last was due to his words after the death of Julián Figueroa, son of the late singer Joan Sebastián and actress Maribel Guardia. Through a video on his social networks, Fofo speculated about the real reason he lost his life, warning that it was related to drug use and abuse.

“Just yesterday, a few hours ago, Julian Figueroa passed away. I knew him in my beginnings. He was leaving Oceánica, he was recovering, he was addicted to (sniffing), you know, you can’t say it here in TikTok, and now I see that they don’t want to make public the issue because he passed away (…), but I feel that it must have been because of that,” said the influencer.

Según el creador de contenido, conoció a Julián cuando había salido de rehabilitación (Foto: Instagram@fofomarquez)
The content creator said he met Julián while out of rehab (Photo: [email protected]).

Although the reference was not entirely focused on the son of the King of Jaripeo on the consumption of harmful substances, Fofo questioned Julián’s recovery after leaving the rehab clinic. He also sent a message of condolences to Maribel Guardia and warned about the risk of consuming drugs.

“I only say this so that the new generations are careful and do not fall into vices because they are delicate. They do more and more damage. What I had thought was that he had recovered, but I don’t think so. I think he relapsed; unfortunately, he has passed away. A lot of encouragement for Maribel Guardia, who already lost her father, Joan Sebastian, so I encourage all of you to give it your best”.


However, despite speculations about the cause of death, the medical report confirmed that it was due to myocardial infarction and ventricular fibrillation, an uncommon event in young adults that can be stimulated by the abuse of “certain medicines.” Julián Figueroa died at the age of 27, and given the natural causes, it was unnecessary to perform a necropsy.

But who is ‘Fofo’ Marquez?

At 25, Fofo has become a regular face on social networks regarding youth content. He is a character who claims to be a millionaire thanks to the fortune amassed, mainly by his grandfather and father, who, as he has said, were businessmen in the oil industry.

Through his accounts, the alleged child millionaire gives an account of his luxurious lifestyle with multiple publications drinking champagne bottles and posing next to expensive vehicles in mansions or extravagant places. In addition, on several occasions, he has been seen accompanied by exotic animals, which he claims are pets. He has over 4 million followers on Instagram and over 1.3 million on TikTok.

Most of his content revolves around partying and showing off the bills he pays at exclusive nightclubs. When he’s not dealing with it, the main strategy is to stay trending is making controversial statements or sustaining scandals with other influencers (one of the most recent with Karely Ruíz precisely because of the debt that Fofo fit the model in a night out).

Fofo Márquez exhibe en redes sociales el lujoso estilo de vida que asegura tener con fotos de autos, fiestas y propiedades costosas. Foto: Ig mr.fofomqz
Fofo Márquez exhibits on social networks the luxurious lifestyle he claims to have with photos of cars, parties, and expensive properties. Photo: Ig Mr. fofomqz