Who is Gaby Castillo, the former “Enamorándonos” participant who was arrested

After the arrest of Óscar Andrés “N” “El Lunares”, who is one of the main partners of the Tepito Union, on January 30, now his sentimental partner was arrested. Gaby castle who became famous in 2018 by appearing on the show Falling in love where she was in search of love.

For those who do not remember Gaby Castillo, she was one of the most popular participants of the reality show where she shared credits with The Bebeshita With whom he had a strong rivalry in the program, it is even said that they reached the blows, since the first was a very brave woman.

Another thing that drew attention is that on several occasions the also model was related to the reality star Manelyk González and is that users on several occasions commented that she copied the attitude of the Acapulco Shore member, although she always denied it.

After leaving Falling in love, the model decided to launch as a singer under the name of Briela Sanz where she adopted a reggaeton look with urban clothes and pink hair with which she attracted too much attention, in addition to some tremendous curves with which she fell in love with anyone. .

In his Instagram account he reached just over 700 thousand followers, in addition to many views on YouTube when he launched his video clip entitled Enrola with which he appeared in various show programs to promote the theme with which he was successful.

Another of the most common things about Gaby Castillo was to see her in the gym training because she loved to overflow all kinds of emotions when she posed with her sports clothes, in addition, her personality is very impressive, but above all she has always had a unique beauty, especially with his face.

It is worth mentioning that the last publication of the model was five days ago and the hate has not been long in coming, since they have written to her about everything on her Instagram account where they let her know that fame is not everything, much less luxuries .

“I already said that such a luxury was not for legal work”, “What is true that she is in Santa Martha? For fraud”, “My self-esteem rose when I saw the photos when they detained her without a filter,” write social networks after his arrest.

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