Who is Guillermo Chinchón Pérez, the notorious drug lord from Santiago de Chile?

The tumultuous journey of Chinchón, a relentless drug lord with a knack for survival amidst Chile's treacherous underworld.

Chinchón” survived three attacks against him. The second one left him on crutches after he managed to survive a 13-gun blast and was only left with wounds in his left leg. The drug trafficker’s life was then already priced by the Chilean authorities and rival drug lords in the area. The drug lord was captured on video cameras at the Santiago Airport as he tried to escape to Cochabamba, Bolivia.

The drug lord’s neighbors remember him as a man with the surname Chinchón, “he was an important drug dealer here,” said a motorist. At the same time, a woman seconded the interviewee by recalling that the criminal lived up the hill. “Ah yes, he lives up there, from here straight up,” described the woman about the drug dealer Guillermo Chinchón Pérez.

Chinchón was known at the beginning of his criminal life as a mugger until he found his place in organized crime in drug trafficking. Over the years became the leader of an important criminal group based in the south of the capital Santiago, according to local media outlet T13.

One of “Willie’s” neighbors, as he was also known among his closest circle, said that the path the capo took “doesn’t end well; he doesn’t get old, as they used to say. The kids don’t grow old. Because they get into a dangerous, illicit, dirty environment, that road, on the other side, where that road ends, is death,” he said.

Chinchón’s family was involved in the drug trade. Photo: T13

The police tapped some phone calls where the narco was linked to narco and hitman activity. “Even the last dog involved, we have to kill him… They were tortured, kidnapped, and all the rest of it… and even more so in the hospital,” said Chinchón.

The narco leader was accused of kidnapping, torturing, shooting, and mutilating those who worked for him to find out who had stolen half a ton of cocaine from him: “Speak, speak, sweetie… who was it, who sent you, who told you?

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From mugger to narco

From 2018 to 2022, he climbed into the criminal organization until he learned new skills in trafficking and maintaining contacts with foreign traffickers by having direct suppliers of cocaine in Bolivia. Chichon kept his own family in key positions within the organization, including his partner and even his son:

  • Georgia Ojeda Saldias, partner and frontman.
  • Guillermo Chinchón Díaz, son and operative arm.
  • Emilio Figueroa Reyes, operative arm in Chile.
The three top commanders of Chinchón’s group. Photo: T13

With each arrival of drug shipments, the movement was evident with the deployment of high-end automobiles and cargo cars. On social networks, Chinchón showed off his arsenal of weapons with the intention that other capos would see his offensive power. The Boss hired security to prevent other criminal gangs from attacking them.

Guillermo and Georgia personally went to Bolivia to supervise drug shipments until one roadside operation led police to seize half a ton of drugs. In another operation, investigative police found drugs and luxury cars in a field.

When he lost a third load of cocaine, Chinchón began to get into debt with his suppliers and fled to Cochabamba, where he was once again attacked with bullets while walking in front of a shopping mall. The hitmen were Colombian, and he was shot four times; once again, he survived the attack and was transferred to the Alto Hospicio prison, where he finally died from an infection and not from the bullets.

“Believe me. I’m getting terrible damn, terrible murderer… I walk around with a hue… with a gun every day. I’m not going to shoot a bullet, and they will kill me. That’s how I walk around every day, 24 hours a day,” the Chilean drug lord once said.