Who is Jessica Díaz, the woman who returned peace to Lorenzo Méndez?

Lorenzo Méndez and Jessica Díaz – Photo: Telemundo / Alex Tamargo / Telemundo

Last Sunday, we were surprised at the seventh gala of ‘Así Se Baila’, when at the end of the dance, after talking about everything he is experiencing in his personal life, Lorenzo Méndez gave a kiss on the mouth to his partner, Jessica Díaz.

Although we have seen it in novels, and singing, many are those who wonder, who is Jessica Díaz, the woman who gave peace to Lorenzo Méndez? Here we tell you …

Jessi, or ‘La Morrita’, as her friends call her, is 29 years old and was born in Culiacán, Sinaloa… Her professional training was at the famous CEA (Actoral Training Center) of Televisa. Participated in ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’ and ‘Como Dice el Said’, among several projects of the aforementioned TV chain.

Her first public love affair was in March 2020, when José Ron introduced her as his girlfriend. In fact, they met when together they acted in ‘Simply María’, but according to what they declared at the time, it was only years later that they decided to try to form a couple.

Nevertheless, the relationship that began in the middle of the quarantine lasted less than the pandemic. They not only ended, instead, Ron has already introduced a new girlfriend.

How did Jessica become Lorenzo’s partner in ‘Así Se Baila‘? That is a question that has several answers. The official version says that when Méndez was invited to participate in the Telemundo reality show, given that he was in full separation from Chiquis Rivera, he chose a partner in the middle.

The unofficial version says that, in truth, it would have been Telemundo who asked Lorenzo to dance with Jessica and he accepted. That their friendship was not so great, nor so close that it was born from him.

The truth is that, whether it is the official or unofficial version, the relationship began to grow between them with each trial. They not only discovered each other as partners, a singer, but as friends. She became his tear-cloth and his greatest counselor.

“The person I have here elevates me every week, believes in me and I thank you very much Jessica” Lorenzo told his ‘Morrita’ last Sunday.

I knew what generosity is with this man, because the trust is so much, the coexistence is so much, that when two hearts meet the way our hearts met, it’s not worth risking that connection, that friendship, that complicity because we love each other forever and there are relationships that don’t last forever, and I want to have your friendship forever”Jessica replied to Lorenz.

Thereafter, came the kiss on the mouth that betrayed that what was between them was something more than friendship, and that they later confirmed in the exclusive interview they gave us.

Close to her, Lorenzo looks calm, far from vices, much thinner and happier… Will Jessica be the one? … Time will tell. For now, they will continue on the track of ‘Así Se Baila’, and This Friday they will premiere a song as a duet: ‘Báilame Suavecito’.