Who is Julia Perez, Antonela Roccuzzo’s New Gym Buddy?

Antonela Roccuzzo poses in a gym photo with Elena Galera and model Julia Perez, sparking interest in Perez's identity

Miami, FL – On October 13th, 2023, Antonela Roccuzzo, wife of soccer superstar Lionel Messi, shared a photo on Instagram from her gym session that caused quite a stir. In the photo, Roccuzzo is posing with her friend Elena Galera, wife of Spanish footballer Sergio Busquets, and a mystery woman who immediately captured people’s attention.

The woman turns out to be Julia Perez, a young model and influencer with over 650,000 Instagram followers. Perez runs her own athletic clothing line and is known for her daring fashion sense, as evidenced by the plunging top and tiny shorts she wore in the photo with Roccuzzo and Galera.

Roccuzzo Shares Photo with Model Julia Perez

Antonela Roccuzzo's Instagram post that caused a stir
Antonela Roccuzzo’s Instagram post that caused a stir

“The team doesn’t fail,” Perez commented on the photo, indicating her passion for fitness, which she shares with Roccuzzo.

Roccuzzo reposted the photo on her own account, drawing her 37.2 million followers’ eyes to Perez’s profile.

Who is Julia Perez?

Julia Perez is a model, influencer, and entrepreneur from Miami. The 29-year-old started her Instagram account in 2014 and quickly amassed a large following with photos highlighting her luxurious lifestyle – yachting vacations, nights out clubbing, and risqué bikini shots.

In 2017, Perez leveraged her social media presence to launch her own line of athletic apparel catering to women. The collection includes leggings, sports bras, shorts, and more, often featuring bold prints and sexy silhouettes.

On her Instagram, Perez gives fans a peek into new product launches and campaigns for her brand. She also shares workout routines from her sessions at the upscale Miami gym she frequents along with Roccuzzo and Galera.

With her flawless physique and curve-hugging activewear, Perez has become a fitness inspiration for her followers. She clearly takes great pride in motivating other women to stay in shape.

Roccuzzo’s Global Lifestyle

Antonela Roccuzzo has been enjoying the jet-setting lifestyle that comes with being married to Messi, one of soccer’s biggest stars. The family is currently based in Miami as Messi plays for Inter Miami FC.

While Messi is busy with his club season, Roccuzzo takes advantage of their time in the Magic City to focus on her passions – working out, shopping, and connecting with friends like Elena Galera.

Roccuzzo often provides a glimpse into her fabulously fashionable Miami life on Instagram for her 37 million+ fans, from gym sessions with Galera and now Perez to trying on designer outfits during shopping sprees along Ocean Drive.

Earlier this month, the Argentine native traveled to Mexico City for an event held by luxury jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. She turned heads in a shimmering silver gown, further cementing her status as a global fashion icon.

Strengthening Bonds Over Workouts

It seems Roccuzzo has added Julia Perez as a new workout buddy to bond with over their shared commitment to staying fit. Perez’s daring style may inspire Roccuzzo to take more fashion risks as well.

With Messi’s season keeping him busy, Roccuzzo seems to be settling into Miami life nicely, building meaningful friendships and exploring all the city has to offer. Fans eagerly follow along on Instagram to get a glimpse into the adventures of their favorite WAG.

Whether she’s dressed to the nines on a red carpet or sweating it out in leggings at the gym, one thing is clear – Roccuzzo has an unparalleled flair for fashion. Her every look captures the world’s attention. And now, with Julia Perez by her side, she has a partner to show off their best gym style.