Who is Karla Mora, the wife of Memo Ochoa of the Mexican national team?

Meet Karla Mora, the wife of Mexico's national team goalkeeper Memo Ochoa, with whom she has been married since 2017 and shares three children.

Guillermo Ochoa continues to be part of the trends of the sport! And the reason why the Mexican has taken over the spotlight in Serie A is due (in part) to his constant interventions on the field and the mentions and acknowledgments that the international press has made about him. Few know that Karla Mora is one of the most important pillars of the Mexican goalkeeper’s successful career. She and her children are the most loyal fans of the player.

But who is she? Below, we will tell you more about her.

Karla Mora prmociona porductos fit en sus redes sociales (Foto: Karla Mora / Instagram)
Karla Mora promotes fit products on her social networks (Photo: Karla Mora / Instagram)

Who is Karla Mora?

Karla Mora was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, just like Guillermo Ochoa. She led a career in modeling and design for many years, but recently she has dedicated herself to taking care of her family.

Memo Ochoa and Karla Mora were born in the same state. However, the soccer player has lived in Mexico City for several years due to his work with Club America and his country’s national soccer team.

Where did Karla meet Memo?

Despite being born in the same state of the Republic, Karla and Memo met only in 2009 thanks to Regina Padilla, the wife of former soccer player Gerardo Torrado, who introduced them before the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. According to Chic Magazine, the couple immediately felt the chemistry and started dating.

Memo Ochoa y Karla Mora juntos a sus tres hijos en una foto compartida en sus redes sociales (Foto: Karla Mora / Instagram)
Memo Ochoa and Karla Mora and their three children in a photo shared on their social networks (Photo: Karla Mora / Instagram).

How many children do Karla and Memo have?

After almost ten years together, Memo and Karla got married in July 2017 in Ibiza. The couple shares two daughters and a son: Karla Mora and Guillermo Ochoa procreated three children: Lucciana, born in 2013 (9 years old), Guillermo born in 2015 (7 years old), and Karla, the youngest of just two years old (born in 2020).

Karla Mora’s lifestyle

Karla does not stop taking care of her image. Although she no longer works as a model, she continues to upload photos on her social networks showing her spectacular figure and posing for magazines with her husband and family. She also shares photos or videos before doing sports, enjoying vacations, or spending time with family and friends.

Karla Mora es amante del deporte (Foto: Karla Mora / Instagram)
Karla Mora is a sports lover (Photo: Karla Mora / Instagram).

The moment when Memo Ochoa’s wife received death threats

In November 2021, Karla Mora went public with death threats from fans upset about her husband’s poor performance in the World Cup qualifying match against Canada. Memo Ochoa’s wife showed an offensive and threatening message where a fan asked the goalkeeper to leave the Mexican national team, or else he would kill and rape him and his entire family.

“Tell your pend…. to stop playing for the national team or else he will kill and rape you and your family,” a fan wrote on his social networks. Through his Instagram stories, Mora responded to him:

“Hate does not lead to anything good. It’s a sport, and sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. We are all human beings, and we can all make mistakes, and just from those mistakes is where character comes out, your best version, and a million good moments. Calm down, there is still a long way to go, and I am sure you will give Mexico a lot of joy. Better work and take care of yourselves for the good of your families and loved ones” wrote the wife of the goalkeeper of the Aguilas del America and the Mexican national team.