Who is Katherin Giraldo? Everything you need to know about Karol G’s sister

Katherin Giraldo, the sister of Karol G, talks about her estrangement from her father and sisters, and her desire to reconnect with them. She works as a stylist, colorist and model, and stresses that her only intention is to reconnect with her family and not for financial gain.

The renowned reggaeton singer Karol G is one of the most important Colombian artists of the genre. One of her qualities, beyond her musical talent, is her strong affection for her family.

“La Bichota” has constantly shared through her social networks and interviews the affection she feels for her sisters and parents. However, very few people know Katherin Giraldo, her younger sister.

According to the 28-year-old, “I haven’t had contact with my dad or my sisters for two years.”

In that sense, she commented to the program ‘I know everything’ in February of this year: “I had some behaviors that were not very good at that time because I felt super free and I ‘went wild,’ but we all make mistakes. That’s when all this estrangement arose.”

Recently, Katherin answered a very direct question about her current relationship with her family on her Instagram account. The question reads, “why do you give publicity to your half-sister Karol G if they don’t take you into account?“.

“Simple, I don’t have hate or rancor in my heart. There are ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands in life, but there are no ex-family, ex-siblings, or ex-dads, ” answered the young woman without any ‘covers.’

Who is Katherin Giraldo?

She presents herself as a stylist, professional colorist, and model on her Instagram account.

She is 28 years old, and as she detailed for ‘Lo sé todo,’ she was conceived in an extramarital relationship with her father, Guillermo Giraldo (better known as ‘Papá G’).

“He was an ever-present, dedicated, loving, and responsible dad. I have the best things to say about him. Everything was wonderful in my childhood and adolescence,” explained the young woman.

She commented that when her mother passed away, the relationship with the Giraldo family became even closer.

However, the young woman recalled that, together with one of her sisters, she began to misbehave. Although she did not detail what those behaviors were, she did make it clear that from that moment on, ‘Papa G’ decided to cut off all communication with her.

Thus, while her other sister was forgiven, it seems that it has not been easy for her. “It weighs more for me because I am not the daughter of the mother of that family nucleus,” she affirmed.

In the same interview, she confessed that her only intention was to get her father’s attention because “I need to know and hear his side of the story. I have felt alone on many occasions because my mother’s family nucleus was very small, the only thing I have of blood and family is them“.

The young woman claimed to have tried to contact her father by all means, but it was not possible.

According to her, her intention to get closer to the family again has no economic motivation.

I have my own business, the economic aspect is not relevant. My only interest is to form again that bond that is now absent. The truth is that I have never earned a hundred pesos for being Karol G’s sister.

Katherin Giraldo

She also told the program that it has not been easy, but she has managed to move forward and change the mistakes that led to the family drama.

Currently, she has stood out for sharing in her networks her support for her sister with her new musical projects, so much so that on several occasions she has assured that she will continue to be the ‘number one fan‘ of her work.