Who is Luis Miguel’s daughter? The story of Michelle Salas

This article provides an in-depth look at Michelle Salas, the daughter of renowned singer Luis Miguel. Discover her background as a model and influencer, her successful career in the fashion industry, and her relationship with her famous father. Learn more about her life and the recent Netflix series that delves into Luis Miguel's private life.

Michelle Salas could be considered one of the characters who have managed to break (only in part) the myths that have made Luis Miguel one of the most intriguing figures in pop culture. Today, the young woman is identified as the singer’s daughter, but for many years the father-daughter relationship remained under the shadows that usually surround El Sol.

The then-teenager made a statement in 2005 to a social magazine that broke decades of speculation but, in time, formed another eclipse. Why didn’t he recognize her? How did they get along? What motivated the performer to meet her? The second season of “Luis Miguel: La Serie” on Netflix addressed one of the most crucial episodes, and that gave a public window into the excessively private life of the singer, who appeared in the showcase that Michelle Salas has made of her Instagram, the only glimpse that the world seems to have of her and that, although only as a small ray, El Sol has snuck in.

Michelle Salas, her real-life story

Model, socialite, influencer, and another of the great mysteries of the artist’s life. We x-rayed Michelle because she is a beautiful presence with an exploding career from an extraordinary family. Among her close relatives are the actor and director Rafael Banquells, singers Alejandra Guzmán and Rocío Banquells, and musician Micky Salas, among others. Not to mention Sylvia Pasquel, her grandmother from her mother’s side, and her grand-grandmother, Silvia Pinal, a celebrity that needs no further introduction.

Who is Michelle Salas?

To say that she is the daughter of Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas covers just one of the aspects of the multitasking life of this young woman whose resume goes from gypset to fashion design and entrepreneurship in the fashion industry. Michelle is the daughter that the singer fathered in his youth with fellow singer Stephanie Salas, granddaughter of the legendary Silvia Pinal.

Michelle was born in June 1989, when Stephanie, a member of one of the most solid sagas linked to Mexican show business, was barely 20. In 2018, Stephanie Salas told ¡Hola! magazine that she met Luis Miguel in 1985 when she worked in the play “Vaselina.” Soon after, they began an informal romance that lasted for two years before she became pregnant. Despite having found out about Salas’ condition, the singer disappeared from her life for several months and would only return after the birth of Michelle, about whom he said upon seeing her for the first time that “she looks like me, she looks divine, my daughter.”

He was there, laughing and enjoying her in his arms. We were in harmony, and it was a very nice moment. From then on, he regularly frequented the child for about three years. I personally took her to his house, where Luis Miguel, her grandfather Luis Rey and all his family loved her very much. They had a great time, spoiled her, and the girl came back very happy and full of gifts“, said the actress.

Michelle’s arrival brought speculation about her relationship with Luis Miguel after news of the romance between El Sol and Sylvia Pasquel’s daughter. For years, everything was speculation until 2005 when Michelle declared her annoyance for being seen only as “Luis Miguel’s unacknowledged daughter.” That message in a social magazine was followed by the legal recognition of the idol’s paternity.

From then on, Michelle Salas became one of the most followed figures in the social scene and has been a recurring subject of the entertainment press, a field she has kept out of. Instead, she has turned her attention to the fashion industry.

What happened with Luis Miguel and Michelle Salas?

The courtship between Stephanie Salas and Luis Miguel resounded in the late 80s. The romance, largely fueled by the press, reached its peak when in the summer of 1989, the actress became the mother of a baby girl whose paternity was attributed to the singer but was never revealed.

According to several media, when the little girl was born, the singer of “La Incondicional” maintained a sporadic relationship until the eventual estrangement. In an interview with Verónica Castro, when the actress had one of the main nightly programs on national television, the singer even denied the existence of any child. “My God, they don’t know what to make up anymore! As far as I know, no,” said El Sol in that broadcast.

For years, the relationship between Michelle and Luis Miguel was only part of the myths surrounding the singer’s personal life. In fact, media and materials that continue to emerge have fed this aspect by pointing out that the meetings between them took place privately. Years ago, for example, a fan club released unpublished images showing a young singer holding a baby said to be Michelle. Eventually, there was a rift that was broken after almost a decade. The second season of “Luis Miguel: La Serie” shed some of that. “Why didn’t you see me in 11 years?” asked Macarena Achaga in a scene.

What came next unleashed an episode that brought the father-daughter relationship out of the shadows.

When did Luis Miguel recognize Michelle Salas?

In 2005, when Michelle Salas was 16 years old, she told Quién magazine: “I no longer want to be pitied for being Luis Miguel’s unacknowledged daughter when he knows I exist.” The teenager’s words ended years of speculation later confirmed by Stephanie Salas, who publicly acknowledged that the singer of “Palabra de honor” was her daughter’s father. In that interview, the young woman also confronted her father in some way and asked him to explain the reasons for staying away.

A couple of years later, Luis Miguel started the legal proceedings to acknowledge Salas. It was when the singer was in a relationship with Mexican actress Aracely Arámbula, and the recognition of Michelle’s paternity also coincided with the birth of Miguel, the first of two children he had with Arámbula. In fact, it is said that the event and the actress herself would have motivated the artist to get closer to Michelle, with whom he finally met again in 2008.

In July 2008, Luis Miguel asked Alejandro Asensi, his representative, to process the necessary paperwork to recognize Michelle as his daughter, but their relationship has never stopped being complicated. On the other hand, Michelle would have received the paternal surname in 2011, when Luis Miguel would have put properties in the young woman’s name.

After moving to Los Angeles with her father, Michelle Salas maintained a relationship with Alejandro Asensi, which caused conflicts between father and daughter, but they managed to sort it out.

What is their relationship like?

That is one of the parts of the mystery surrounding this facet of the singer’s life. In the few interviews Michelle has given, she has remained elusive on the subject. Everything points to the fact that they maintain a closer but shielded relationship, and there have been only a few posts on Michelle’s Instagram that reveal some encounters between them. Another clue of the father-daughter closeness is the coexistence of Michelle Salas with her uncle Alejandro Basteri, who is also close to the interpreter.

After the legal recognition of paternity, father and daughter were captured at Disneyland, and the entertainment press even claimed that the model had gone to live in one of the singer’s houses, even the program “El Escándalo” showed alleged documents that supported that El Sol had put some properties in the name of the young woman.

Although they seem close, Michelle Salas and Luis Miguel’s relationship remains shielded. There have been only a few posts on Michelle’s Instagram that reveal some encounters between them.

In early 2021, Michelle suffered an accident in the mountains of Vail, Colorado, which left her with a knee injury. The young woman has shared the details of her recovery on her social networks and assures that she has the full support of her mother. And Luis Miguel?

According to the Mexican magazine TV Notas, Luis Miguel did not want to see his daughter and blocked her on his phone.

Who is Michelle Salas in Luis Miguel: La Serie 2?

The second season of “Luis Miguel, la Serie,” released in April 2021 by Netflix, introduced one of the most awaited characters by the singer’s fans: Michelle Salas, the daughter he had with actress Stephanie Salas and whom he recognized several years later.

Macarena Achaga plays Michelle Salas in the second season of "Luis Miguel: La Serie".
Macarena Achaga plays Michelle Salas in the second season of “Luis Miguel: La Serie”.

Macarena Achaga, part of the cast of the second season, was in charge of playing Luis Miguel’s daughter in the Netflix installment. But the actress has revealed that she tried to build a character distanced from the one who appears publicly. “I wanted to distance her from the girl we know because I thought it was important to show the process of becoming Michelle,” she has shared with GQ. “I felt it was important to tell how that story begins, who is this little girl who is heartbroken, who becomes this woman who doesn’t need anyone basically.”

From what Achaga has let on, her role has given us more clues about the relationship between Luis Miguel and Michelle Salas. “It’s a character that I actually found more interesting to analyze from the ‘father and daughter’ side. We all have a dad.”

Michelle Salas’ romances

Although Luis Miguel publicly recognized her as his daughter, the tabloids, especially the Mexican press, have focused on her. However, Michelle Salas has always tried to keep her relationships away from gossip and has wanted to forge a career in the fashion world.

In addition to her romance with her dad’s manager, Alejandro Asensi, Michelle Salas had a relationship with Diego Boneta, the Mexican actor who gave life to Luis Miguel in the Netflix series.

In 2013, while both resided in Los Angeles, they became friends and eventually boyfriend and girlfriend, even rumored to be engaged. “Michelle is a hottie. Very pretty, very cool. We’re getting to know each other, but I don’t care. I hope they give me tips,” the actor said. However, it was only a passing romance.

Subsequently, Luismi’s daughter has been linked to other people, among them, the Argentine businessman Alan Faena, 56, since in 2019, during the second edition of the Faena Festival: The Last Supper, they were very close.

A few years ago, Michelle Salas shared photos on her Instagram next to Aleix Llimona, whom many find similar to Diego Boneta. They have not confirmed a relationship, but at least there was a great friendship.

In February 2022, Luis Miguel’s eldest daughter was captured with businessman Danilo Diaz Granados, walking the streets of Madrid, Spain. In addition to being caught on camera, Michelle shared in her stories a post dressed as a bride at the Pronovias store…. Yes, just as you read it, but this could be one more collaboration of the model with the Spanish Haute Couture firm. As far as it is known, Salas and Granados have not spoken openly about their plans for the future.

Michelle Salas’ career: from modeling to entrepreneurship and blogging

She studied design in New York and has worked as a model, has collaborated with brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Dior, and Michael Kors, and even did an internship at Carolina Herrera. For years she worked as a blogger and collaborated with a tabloid magazine.

If you want to read more about her education, read this material.

She is also the founder of the clothing brand Milea and has a blog called Stereotypemess, where she used to write about the things she enjoys, such as travel, music, food, and photography. Although it was very successful, she no longer updated it. Thanks to the fact that she has lived in Mexico, France, and the United States, she always shares the best photos of the destinations she visits. She has also been captured with her uncle, Alejandro Basteri, one of the artist’s younger brothers.

Where does she live now?

Michelle Salas lived in Madrid for a while, although she has been constantly on the move throughout her life. Los Angeles, Miami, and New York have been her home for a while, and she has also spent time in Mexico. In addition, her work as an influencer leads her to travel a lot, and as can be seen on her Instagram, in addition to frequently visiting places like Paris, she loves the beach and the snow, where she skis, surfs, and sunbathes.

Michelle Salas’ mansion in Miami

Michelle Salas showed what her Miami mansion looks like on the inside.
Michelle Salas showed what her Miami mansion looks like on the inside.

Despite having spent several years of his youth away from Luis Miguel, Salas never lacked anything and currently lives in more luxury than ever. This has also been due to her relationship with El Sol de Mexico, and her imposing mansion is evidence of it. The big house where the model lives is in Miami, where her father also lives. The influencer chose to establish her new home in the tranquility offered by the sea and the warm weather of the symbolic city of Florida.

The mansion lacks absolutely nothing, and due to Salas’ profession, one of the property’s most expensive and developed areas is the first-class gym so that the celebrity can work out every day comfortably and professionally. According to information provided by some specialized media, Michelle’s house is valued at 3 million dollars and has a minimalist style, in addition to the luxurious details that adorn it. In addition to the aforementioned personal gym, it has an incredible view of the city, a private pool, and a jacuzzi on a large terrace.