Who is Luka Colucci, Franco Masini in Netflix’s Rebelde?

Luka colucci is one of the most acclaimed characters in the new series Rebel on Netflix, this role is played by Franco Masini, an Argentine that we will surely continue to hear about in future productions of the streaming platform.

His performance as part of the important Colucci family in the plot, was of high impact and thousands of young people have fallen in love and in love with his performance since although at the beginning you tend to hate him, perhaps you could end up loving him.

In Buenos Aires he has had a great career in the artistic union but the ones that stand out the most are his roles in the cinema such as in Betibú, El Clan, Inseparables, Jóvenes sin libertad and Solo el amor. Now the famous young Masini will surely continue to venture into series.

Luka Colucci from Rebelde on Netflix

Franco is not only an incredible actor, he is also a singer, on YouTube we can find his channel with more than 50,100 subscribers, and among his repertoire of songs is Náufrago, Stop missing you, Formas and Algo de mi.

On the other hand, in his official Instagram account, he currently has 1.9 million followers, who follow him faithfully to find out about his new news and to be able to observe his creative photographs with unique outfits.

How old is Franco Masini?

Franco Masini is 27 years old and is one of the greatest in the production of Rebelde since some of his companions are much younger than him. Even the Mexican Sergio Mayer Mori (protagonist of Rebelde) is 23 years old.

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