Marcela Mistral, wife of Poncho de Nigris: from weather girl to influencer and scandal queen

Marcela Mistral's career took a radical turn, from being the 'girl of the weather' to being a hostess with Poncho de Nigris, her husband.

Marcela Mistral has been married to Poncho de Nigris for 7 years and has starred in several gossip stories; here’s everything we know about the controversial influencer.

Poncho de Nigris and Marcela Mistral met when she was a teenager, and the driver from Monterrey was a model at a wedding expo.

Years later, Marcela Mistral was a reporter and interviewed Poncho de Nigris with some of his girlfriends.

When Marcela Mistral was 25 years old, she began a relationship with Poncho de Nigris, and two months later, they moved in together.

After six months, they decided to formalize and got married in November 2015, later they had three children:

  • Alfonso de Nigris
  • Isabella de Nigris
  • Antonio de Nigris
Poncho de Nigris and his wife, Marcela Mistral
Poncho de Nigris and his wife, Marcela Mistral (@musamistral / Instagram)

Marcela Mistral went from being a singer to the ‘Chica del Clima.

Marcela Mistral, a hostess from Monterrey, was born on January 23, 1989. She is currently 34 years old and is an influencer.

Marcela Mistral’s dream was to be a singer, so at 15, she participated in the reality show ‘Buscando a la Nueva Banda Timbiriche.’

Ultimately, she was eliminated from the contest but continued working at Televisa and made sporadic appearances.

She studied at the School of Social Work at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León.

Later, she began working at Multimedios, giving the weather on a newscast, and then worked on a popular Telediario newscast.

Her career took a radical change when she became a hostess with Poncho de Nigris at Multimedios, and that was the beginning of their love story.

Marcela Mistral
Marcela Mistral (Instagram/@marcelamistral)

Marcela Mistral’s character led her to star in several scandals.

After marrying Poncho de Nigris, Marcela Mistral became an influencer and used the name Musa Mistral in her social networks.

One of her most famous scandals was with OnlyFans model Karely Ruiz in the program ‘Mitad y Mitad.’

This program was to find a partner, and judges rated the dates; Marcela Mistral was part of this panel.

Karely Ruiz was one of the contestants, and Marcel Mistral disagreed with her answers, so she lashed out at her in a live program.

She also had an altercation at the airport because the security did not allow her to bring breast milk to the plane.

Marcela Mistral and Poncho de Nigris have been together for several years and frequently share moments of their lives on social networks.

Marcela Mistral
Marcela Mistral (Instagram/@marcelamistral )