Meet Marco Chacón, the devoted stepfather and legal mind behind Julián Figueroa’s life and legacy

The untold story of Marco Chacón, a dedicated stepfather and accomplished lawyer, whose 25-year bond with Maribel Guardia shaped Julián Figueroa's life.

Marco Chacón is known for being Maribel Guardia’s husband but also the father figure of Julián Figueroa, the singer who died at the age of 27. Julian Figueroa’s death, which was caused by natural causes, shocked the entertainment world, but also raised doubts about his close family.

Besides Maribel Guardia – 63 years old – one of them was his stepfather Marco Chacón, also the family’s lawyer.

We tell you who Marco Chacón — 51 years old — the lawyer who was a father to Julián Figueroa and who broke the news to Maribel Guardia about the death of her son is.

This is Marco Chacon, Maribel Guardia’s husband and second father to Julian Figueroa.

Although Julián Figueroa was the fruit of Maribel Guardia‘s love with Joan Sebastian —64-year-old —, the couple separated when the now-deceased young man was a child.

Therefore, Marco Chacón became the father figure that Julián Figueroa adopted. According to the version of the lawyer and husband of Maribel Guardia, he met him when he was 2 years old.

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Julián Figueroa and Marco Chacón (@marco_chaconf / Instagram).

Marco Chacon and Maribel Guardia married 11 years ago in a secret wedding in which her son Julian Figueroa gave the actress to the actor.

However, the couple has been together for almost 25 years, since before their wedding in 2010, they had a long romance. It should be noted that they had no children.

As for Marco Chacón, it is known that he has more than 23 years of practicing law in the field of intellectual property.

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Marco Chacón, husband of Maribel Guardia and a dad to Julián Figueroa. (@marco_chaconf / Instagram)

Marco Chacón studied law at the Universidad Anáhuac and has a master’s degree in that field.

In his professional resume on LinkedIn, he describes himself as:

“Law degree, with a diploma in corporate contracts, specialization in intellectual property and master’s degree in law and doctorate in business law.”

Marco Chacón, lawyer.

He has also worked as a lawyer mostly in these areas:

  • Copyright
  • Intellectual Property
  • Publishing
  • Entertainment
  • Artistic representation
  • Academic design
  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Drafting
  • Contract negotiation
  • Registration
  • Consulting
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Marco Chacon, husband of Maribel Guardia and a dad to Julian Figueroa. (@marco_chaconf / Instagram)

Marco Chacón looked after Joan Sebastian’s inheritance and Julián Figueroa’s legal problems.

Marco Chacón was Maribel Guardia‘s family lawyer, as not only was she dedicated to the artistic world, but also her son Julián Figueroa and even her daughter-in-law, 26-year-old Imelda Garza-Tuñón.

However, the moments in which Maribel Guardia has been involved in legal problems are few, unlike what happened with her son.

As Julián Figueroa is one of Joan Sebastian’s 8 children, Marco Chacón saw the part of the inheritance that corresponded to him from the singer-songwriter.

Likewise, he was the one who filed lawsuits in case Julian Figueroa requested them for defamation, for example.

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Marco Chacón and Julián Figueroa. (@marco_chaconf)

Marco Chacón considered Julián Figueroa a son, calling him dad

After the death of Julián Figueroa at the age of 27 was announced, Marco Chacón recalled that he considered him like a son.

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Upon his arrival at the CDMX airport, the lawyer recalled that despite not being of his blood, he had known Julián Figueroa since he was 2 years old, so he did consider him his son.

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Julián Figueroa and Marco Chacón (@julian_f.f).

“I’ve been with him since he was two years old I’ve been in all the stages of his life, it’s crazy that he went ahead of us.”

Marco Chacón, lawyer.

And on more than one occasion, Julian Figueroa dedicated words to him in celebration of ‘Father’s Day’, where he made it clear that he loved him.

“I would not be the man I am today (and it has cost me) if I had not had you, to protect me, guide me, correct me and love me.

I hope to make you proud, striving to be the best version of myself.

I love you, Happy day”.

Julian Figueroa to Marco Chacon.
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Julián Figueroa recognizes Marco Chacón as his dad (@julian_f.f).

Likewise, Marco Chacón called Julián Figueroa’s son his grandson.

Marco Chacón cares for Maribel Guardia but breaks down over the death of his ‘adopted son’ Julián Figueroa.

Marco Chacon is the father figure in Maribel Guardia‘s paternal family, and he had to tell his wife that their son, Julian Figueroa, had died.

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Marco Chacon and Maribel Guardia (@maribelguardia).

Unfortunately, the lawyer was in the Dominican Republic when Julián Figueroa was found “unconscious in his room.”

However, it was him who Imelda Tuñón, Julián Figueroa’s wife, reportedly told and was in charge of organizing “over the phone” everything about the funeral and legal processes.

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Marco Chacón, husband of Maribel Guardia and a dad for Julián Figueroa. (@marco_chaconf / Instagram)

After arriving at the CDMX, Marco Chacón explained this at the airport and also said that he was the one who broke the news to Maribel Guardia after she finished her two theater performances.

“I waited for her to leave the theater, that she could have dinner on the way (…) that things were settled a little at home and I gave her the news on the way”.

Marco Chacón, lawyer.

Marco Chacón broke down when he said, “The truth is that she is not well,” referring to Maribel Guardia and how she received the news of her son’s death.

It is worth mentioning that Marco Chacon’s role is indispensable for Julian Figuera’s family in his farewell since he is the one who coordinates the entrance of vehicles to the house, where he will say goodbye in a very private way.

At the time of this writing, security at the actress’ house -coordinated by Marco Chacon- has denied entry to actresses such as Yadira Carrillo and Lorena Herrera. Still, Julian Figueroa’s paternal uncles have been granted access.

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Marco Chacón, husband of Maribel Guardia and a dad to Julián Figueroa. (@marco_chaconf / Instagram)

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