Meet Max Barz, the alleged third party in discord in Ricky Martin’s divorce from Jwan Josef

Ricky Martin's alleged infidelity saga with adult movie actor Max Barz amid his marriage discord with Jwan Yosef.

Although Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef are said to have ended their marriage from love, they are already adding a third party in discord: Max Barz. Although the divorce of Ricky Martin – 51 years old – and Jwan Yosef, wanted to be out of speculation, that is not happening, as there is talk of infidelity.

According to the information given by Chisme No Like, Ricky Martin may follow many musclemen and exhibitionists, but Max Barz is a very explicit adult movie actor.

We tell you who is Max Barz, the porn actor “with whom Ricky Martin is obsessed,” and who would be the third in discord in his marriage to 38-year-old Jwan Yosef.

Ricky Martin would have cheated on Jwan Yosef with Max Barz.

A few days ago, it was announced that Ricky Martin ended his relationship with Jwan Yosef after six years of marriage, but the question remains: what was the reason?

According to information about Ricky Martin that Chisme No Like had given many weeks before, he was “promiscuous” with several OnlyFans models, liking their publications.

The site ‘ThePopTingz’ reports that Ricky Martin would have been unfaithful to Jwan with Max Barz – 25 years old – a porn actor. But that’s not all. It is also said that they saw each other more than once throughout their 6-year marriage.

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Max Bartz, porn actor (@Max_Barz).

What is true is that Ricky Martin and Max Barz follow each other on Instagram. Although on Twitter is where the actor has more explicit content and not to mention OnlyFans.

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Ricky Martin does follow Max Barz on Instagram (Screenshot).
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Max Barz follows Ricky Martin on Instagram. (Screenshot)

Who is Max Barz? This adult movies actor has reportedly stolen Ricky Martin’s heart.

It is believed that on more than one occasion, Ricky Martin was unfaithful to Jwan Yosef, and it was Max Barz, the third in discord, but who is he?

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Max Bartz, porn actor (@Max_Barz)

The reality is that little is known about Max Barz, except that he is a porn actor who has been able to exploit his social networks very well, including OnlyFans.

It is known that Max Barz is gay and lives in Florida, United States. and is 1.90.

Also, the actor’s greatest strength is OnlyFans, and in addition to giving promotions to subscribers, they are photographs and other activities.

Does Max Bartz know about the rumor about Ricky Martin?

He says this after being pointed out as the third in discord with Jwan Yosef.

Ricky Martin is separated from Jwan Yosef, and Max Barz, an actor, is being blamed for being the third party in discord, but does he already know about the rumor?

As soon as the divorce news broke out, Chisme No Like asked Max Barz for an interview to clarify the relationship, but he only responded with, “They are sick.”

This led Max Barz to open an interaction box to know why he has so many followers, “Where did you get my Insta?” but he had no answer about Ricky Martin.

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Max Bartz wonders why he got so many followers this month (@max_barz / Instagram).