Melissa Flores from Michoacán wins Mexicana Universal 2023 and is set to compete in Miss Universe

Melissa Flores wins Mexicana Universal 2023, set to represent Mexico at Miss Universe in El Salvador. Won several beauty pageants in Mexico.

Melissa Flores Godínez, originally from Sahuayo, Michoacán, was crowned the beauty pageant Mexicana Universal 2023 winner on the evening of September 2nd. This ceremony took place at the Convention and Exhibition Center in Aguascalientes. With her triumph, Flores will bear the sash of Mexico at the upcoming Miss Universe competition.

“She will be the one wearing the sash of Mexico in Miss Universe,” announced Mexicana Universal on social media, congratulating the model on her significant achievement.

Mexicana Universal, an empowering platform for women, was conceived by actress Lupita Jones. The annual beauty pageant determines the representative of Mexico for the globally acclaimed Miss Universe contest. This year, for the first time, the Miss Universe pageant will be held in El Salvador on November 18.

“I set the goal of becoming Mexicana Universal years ago, as I’m personally building a better version of myself,” Flores had articulated during her introduction video for the beauty contest.

A Glimpse into Melissa’s Journey

Born in 1998, Melissa Flores Godínez exhibited a passion for the beauty industry from a tender age. Beyond her recent Mexicana Universal victory, Flores boasts a series of accolades. She secured the titles of Miss Earth Mexico 2018 and Miss Fire in the same year. She also clinched the top spot in the Mexicana Universal Michoacán beauty pageant in 2022.

In addition to her modeling pursuits, Flores holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and is working towards specializing in cosmetology.

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“Among my hobbies, I love exercising and crossfit… I enjoy photo shoots as part of my modeling tasks,” Melissa shared in her introduction video.

Since 2022, Flores has served as the secretary of tourism for the municipal government of Venustiano Carranza in Michoacán. She frequently shares snippets of her daily life and inspiring quotes through her social media channels.

More Than Just a Model

Beyond the runway and her modeling endeavors, Melissa is multifaceted. As the current director of Culture and Tourism in Venustiano Carranza municipality, she’s on the brink of completing her studies in cosmetology.

She also champions a social initiative named “No Me Limites” (Don’t Limit Me). As Flores explains:

“It arises from the need to recognize when violence in our relationships starts altering our environments. The main goal is to provide tools to detect and protect against these situations that harm us. It’s crucial to halt such circumstances and take necessary actions. Society must understand that violence should neither be romanticized nor normalized.”

With her victory, Flores exemplifies the beauty and grace of Mexicana Universal and embodies the essence of a role model. By continuously striving for personal betterment and leveraging her title to inspire countless others, Flores is undeniably a force to be reckoned with on the global stage.