Who is Michelle Maciel, a new and young representative of the corridos tumbados movement?

Rising star Michelle Maciel challenges Peso Pluma in corridos tumbados, gaining popularity with her unique style and genre diversity.

Everything indicates that Peso Pluma already has a rival as Michelle Maciel gains ground in the world of corridos tumbados.

The reign of Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, Peso Pluma, in regional Mexican music could be over despite his millions of followers.

This is because, in the corrido tumbados scene, the figure of Michelle Maciel has begun to emerge among the fans of this musical genre.

Peso Pluma, cantante
Peso Pluma, singer (@ElPesoPluma / Twitter)

The corridos tumbados have been characterized by several exponents and leaders, such as Natanael Cano, Junior H, or Peso Pluma, who break it with their songs.

So it would not be strange that Michelle Maciel would be the next to take the baton in the field of regional Mexican.

Michelle Maciel
Michelle Maciel (@macielmusica / Instagram).

Who is Michelle Maciel, the singer gaining ground in the world of corridos tumbados?

Michelle Maciel is a singer-songwriter and influencer originally from the state of Sonora. Currently, this artist is 24 years old.

Michelle Maciel’s incursion into music took place in 2020. Despite that, the young woman has already released 14 singles. The most outstanding are:

  • No sabía cuanto
  • CCC
  • Ando Bien U

The peculiarity in Michelle Maciel’s corridos tumbados is that her style is related to the LGBT community.

Michelle Maciel
Michelle Maciel (@macielmusica / Instagram).

In addition, Michelle Maciel has also dabbled in other types of genres, such as pop and reggaeton, throughout her short but productive career.

Michelle Maciel’s most recent presentation was at Tecate Emblema 2023, where she surprised several of her followers on the festival’s first day.

On sites like Spotify, Michelle Maciel has more than 2 million 227 thousand monthly listeners.

Michelle Maciel premiered a corrido tumbado with Edén Muñoz

Michelle Maciel‘s most recent corrido tumbado, with which she would displace Peso Pluma, is a collaboration with Edén Muñoz.

It is the song CCC, which is breaking in social networks such as YouTube, since two weeks after its release, it has accumulated more than 1.3 million views.

It is not the first time Michelle Maciel and Edén Muñoz collaborated to produce a musical hit. They had already done it with “No sabía cuánto,” which was well received.