Who is Nicole Vale, Angelica Vale’s half-sister, playing Lisbeth Rincón in Ellas Soy Yo, Gloria Trevi’s bioseries?

Nicole Vale shines in Gloria Trevi's series "Ellas soy yo," revealing surprising familial ties to renowned actress Angélica Vale.

Gloria Trevi’s television series “Ellas soy yo” has been a sensation in Mexico, thanks to its compelling narrative and gifted ensemble. Among the stars shining brightly is Nicole Vale, essaying the character of Lisbeth Rincón. However, what may come as a surprise to many is her familial connection with another famous actress.

While Nicole Vale has significantly impacted Lisbeth Rincón, her link to the famous Angélica Vale is generating buzz. Their relationship is grounded in shared parentage on their father’s side, Raúl Vale. The elder Angélica, celebrated for her roles in landmark telenovelas like “La fea más bella,” is Nicole’s half-sister. This revelation has intrigued and delighted fans of both actresses.

Nicole Vale as Lisbeth Rincón in “Ellas soy yo”.

Nicole Vale is Lisbeth Rincón on "Ellas soy yo."
Nicole Vale is Lisbeth Rincón on “Ellas soy yo.”

An artistic pedigree

Nicole’s parents, Raúl Vale and Arlette Pacheco are stalwarts of the Mexican entertainment scene. Arlette’s contributions to theater and television are well-known, while Raúl has also left an indelible mark on the industry. Armed with such a rich artistic lineage, Nicole’s emergence as a force in entertainment seems almost predestined.

Her role in “Ellas soy yo” is a testament to her skills. Critics and audiences have lauded her portrayal of Lisbeth Rincón, applauding her capacity to bring the depth and nuances of the character to life. This role has significantly bolstered her reputation, marking her as a rising star in the industry.

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Honoring a legacy

Aware of her family’s artistic legacy, Nicole frequently expresses profound admiration for her half-sister Angélica Vale. She’s vocal about her aspirations to continue the tradition of excellence in acting set by her family.

What role does Nicole Vale play in Ella Soy Yo?
What role does Nicole Vale play in Ellas Soy Yo?

What role is Nicole Vale interpreting in Ella Soy Yo?

In “Ellas soy yo,” Nicole’s character, Lisbeth Rincón, is pivotal. She represents Sonia Ríos, the first wife of Sergio Andrade, and remains a constant presence throughout the Trevi-Andrade saga.

As Nicole’s star continues its ascent, fans are eager to see how she’ll shape her future endeavors and, in doing so, further the illustrious Vale family legacy in the entertainment world.