Who is Paola Dalay, José Eduardo Derbez’s pregnant girlfriend?

Paola Dalay, a rising fashion talent, steps into the limelight with her pregnancy announcement with partner José Eduardo Derbez.

As the Derbez dynasty prepares to welcome a new member with José Eduardo Derbez and his partner Paola Dalay announcing their first pregnancy, the spotlight naturally falls on Paola Dalay.

While José Eduardo, a figure well-known in the entertainment industry as the son of Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffo, has maintained a certain level of privacy, it’s Paola who now captures the public’s curiosity.

Paola Dalay: A Budding Talent in Fashion

Paola Dalay González Hernández stands out as an emerging talent in the fashion industry. At just 21 years old, with her 22nd birthday approaching in March 2024, she is José Eduardo’s tenth-year junior. Dalay’s career is marked by her work as a model and beauty designer, showcasing her skills across various fashion and beauty platforms. Her collaborations with several notable brands have carved out a name for her in the competitive world of fashion.

It is unknown at the moment how far along the baby is in the pregnancy (Photo: Instagram).
It is unknown at the moment how far along the baby is in gestation (Photo: Instagram).

Beyond her professional pursuits, Paola has an active social media presence. She often shares beauty tips and insights, leveraging her expertise and experience. Her affiliation with a well-established beauty salon, boasting over 35 years of experience, further highlights her credentials in the beauty and fashion domain.

The Love Story of José Eduardo and Paola

The couple’s journey towards becoming parents is intertwined with their romantic story, which began in 2020. Their relationship started with a simple yet impactful social media interaction. In her words during a Q&A on Instagram, Paola shared, “I wasn’t his fan, but I did spot him. It all started because he answered me with a story, and from there, we started talking. (I felt) super nervous and excited because I had never thought of meeting him, let alone being his girlfriend.”

The couple learned about the pregnancy when she was 3 months pregnant (courtesy: @paoladalay).
The couple learned about the pregnancy when she was 3 months pregnant (courtesy: @paoladalay).

A New Chapter for the Derbez Dynasty

The announcement of their pregnancy was made all the more special with touching photographs of the baby’s first ultrasounds shared on Instagram.

José Eduardo recounted the moment they discovered the pregnancy on his YouTube channel, describing it as an emotional and surprising experience.

Paola Dalay at José Eduardo's birthday (Photo: Instagram/@paodalay_2203).
Paola Dalay at José Eduardo’s birthday (Photo: Instagram/@paodalay_2203).

As Paola Dalay prepares to step into motherhood, her journey represents not just a personal milestone but also a new chapter in the evolving narrative of the Derbez family. Her background in fashion, coupled with her growing public persona, positions her as an intriguing addition to one of the entertainment industry’s most notable dynasties.