Who is Shakira’s boyfriend in 2022?

The famous Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, Known simply as Shakira, she is one of the most famous Latin singers of recent times and undoubtedly has millions of fans around the world.

However, so that he could compose his iconic love and heartbreak songs He had to go through a few relationships that left him learning, pain, gratitude that inspired his poetic side.

Do you know who Shakira’s current boyfriend is in the middle of 2022? Whom AmericanPost.News We have informed you about the separation of her and Piqué after almost 12 years and 2 children and of course we also told you about how her fandom wanted to unite her with Chris Evans and Henry Cavill.

Despite all the speculation around her, the truth is that neither of them had a romantic interest in her as a result of their separation and it is most likely that the hip goddess is taking her time to solve her personal conflicts, legal and of course, continue to take off his musical career.

Who was Shakira’s boyfriend before Piqué?

Who was Shakira’s boyfriend before Piqué? Who was Shakira’s great love?

Before Shakira decided to formalize her relationship with soccer player Gerard Piqué, She was dating Antonio de la Rúawho at the beginning of their relationship was the son of Argentine President Fernando de la Rúa.

This was one of their most important and longest relationships prior to Piqué as they were dating from 2000 to 2010 and he composed and dedicated the song “Día de Enero” to him.

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Shakira’s boyfriend who hit her

Osvaldo Ríos is one of Shakira’s boyfriends who went to jail for domestic violence but not precisely with her, rather they ended up because they were in different stages of their lives but before they were related he had been violent and it was until some time later that they accused him and he served his sentence.

Who was Shakira’s great love?

Shakira’s great love was Oscar Ulloathe person the singer dated when he was barely 15 years old, being also her first boyfriend, the one who inspired her to compose “Antología”.

Who was Shakira’s great love?

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