Who is the father of Fofo Márquez?

Who is the father of Fofo Márquez? In recent weeks, this well-known social media character has been a topic of conversation due to his life full of luxury, but also because of the origin of his wealth.

Currently one of the most followed Mexicans on social networks, the 23-year-old is on his way to being a true Internet star.

Boasting a life full of luxuries and eccentric spending, this boy has never spoken or confirmed who he gets such amounts of money from, however in AmericanPost.News we tell you all about his family.

Who is Fofo Márquez’s father and how old is he?

Who is Fofo Márquez’s father and how old is he? Was Fofo Márquez threatened?

Very little is known about the origin of the family of Rodolfo Marquez, boy’s real name 23 years that has revolutionized social networks showing off its luxuries.

As revealed in TikTok his father owns several gas stations, however the family’s fortune comes from his great-grandfather, who is said to have been successful in the shoe store.

Supposedly Fofo’s grandfather would have established the company Tenpac, in charge of footwear for workers in brands such as Coca-Cola and Bimbo.

Who is Fofo Márquez’s father and how old is he? Was Fofo Márquez threatened?

Although this theory is not entirely confirmed, it is the one that comes closest to the possible origin of the famous influencer.

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Was Fofo Márquez threatened?

Was Fofo Márquez threatened?

In recent days, Fofo’s name has exploded on social networks, mainly after the scandal he caused with the beautiful Karely Ruiz.

After becoming known as a young millionaire and showing off his luxury cars, eccentric parties with friends and others, the young man would have received threats on social networks.

for now flabby marquez He continues to receive multiple followers hour after hour on networks, so we are sure his name will continue to be talked about.

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