Who is the father of Mar de Regil? Daughter of Barbara de Regil

Barbara of Regil she became a mother at the age of 16, due to her age and not having the support of the dad from his daughterfaced a very difficult stage and although with a lot of effort he managed to get Mar forward, his fans have questioned him: Who is the father of his only daughter?

In AmericanPost.News We informed you that Bárbara de Regil recently celebrated her daughter’s 18th birthday and before said celebration she was questioned about the identity of Mar de Regil’s father.

Although the famous one has formed a family with her husband Fernando Schoenwald and he even gave the surname to Bárbara’s daughter, she does not share the same blood, although she is the actress who has made it clear that her partner has been the father figure Mar de Regil.

Bárbara de Regil was a mother in adolescence

The 34-year-old actress, Bárbara de Regil, has told how her stage as a single mother was, assuring that she had to dedicate herself to working as a waitress, to cover her daughter’s expenses.

Despite the difficulties she faced, with a lot of effort and a lot of love, she managed to educate her daughter Mar de Regil, without the need to have a partner by her side, since she was the one who took responsibility for the girl.

He also reported that before his only daughter was born, who was his partner and the girl’s father, he was unfaithful to him with his best friend, a betrayal that he recounted hurt him a lot.

Who is the father of Barbara’s daughter?

Fernando Schoenwald was the father figure of Bárbara de Regil’s daughter

In some interviews, the actress Bárbara de Regil has revealed that her daughter’s father was older than her and that he was a DJ.

Since Mar’s birth, she decided to move away and even asked the actress to abort, because she did not want to take care of the baby.

What is known about the identity of the father of Bárbara de Regil’s daughter is that his name is Víctor Sevilla and years after Mar’s birth, he appeared demanding to see his daughter.

However, the actress denied that her daughter had any link with her biological father, saying that she could not appear so many years later to “claim something that she never earned” and, furthermore, Mar was not interested in having contact.

Currently the daughter from Barbara of Regil She is 18 years old and is now an influencer and fashion design student and together with the actress’s husband they have managed to start a family.

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