Who is Margarita Portillo, the late Andrés García’s wife?

Andrés García has been married for more than 20 years to his fourth and last wife, the woman who accompanies him to the hospital and with whom he shares photos on his social networks.

Andres Garcia’s wife is named Margarita Portillo. She has been supporting him in his old age, as seen on the actor’s Instagram account, where they share beautiful moments as a couple. They first met around 1997 and later got married.

In 2020, they considered getting divorced but ultimately did not follow through and decided to give their marriage another chance, despite no longer living together.

Despite experiencing marital conflicts, they remained married for over 20 years and were still together until the actor passed away in April 2023.

How many times has Andrés García been married?

How many times has Andrés García been married?

Andres Garcia indeed had many sexual partners throughout his life, but only four of them became his wives.

His first marriage was to Sandra Vale in 1967, with whom he had two sons named Andres Jr. and Leonardo, who are involved in show business.

He then married Fernanda Amputia in 1974, and they had a daughter named Andrea Garcia.

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In 1984, he met Sonia Infante, who was Pedro Infante’s niece, and they reportedly got married that same year.

His fourth and final marriage was to Margarita Portillo, whom he married around 1997.

How many women did Andrés García have in his life?

Andres Garcia was always a very sexual person, so when he turned 16, he decided to start keeping track of how many women he had already slept with. By age 26, his list had already reached 800 women, and of course, he stopped counting.

It has been more than 50 years since he reached that number, so you can imagine the number of women he has slept with. However, he has always been adamant that he does not regret having lived the life he had and having slept with as many women as he wanted.

Family of Andres Garcia

Family of Andres Garcia

Andrés García assured his genetic descent, and officially speaking, he has 3 children:

  • Andrés García Jr. – Son of Sandra Vale.
  • Leonardo Garcia – Son of Sandra Vale.
  • Andrea Garcia – Daughter of Maria Fernanda Ampudia.