Meet Valentina Quirós, the influencer rumored to have a relationship with Santa Fe Klan

After a public breakup with Maya Nazor, Santa Fe Klan's alleged new romance with influencer Valentina Quirós sparks speculation, while hinting at a possible reconciliation with his ex.
  1. Santa Fe Klan and Maya Nazor’s breakup shocked fans, but rumors of a new romance with influencer Valentina Quirós have surfaced.
  2. Despite the alleged new love interest, Santa Fe Klan hinted at a possible reconciliation with Maya Nazor and expressed his dedication to being a present father to their son Luka.
  3. Valentina Quirós remains active on social media, sharing heartwarming photos from her recent trip while fans eagerly await confirmation of her relationship with the rapper.

It was in December 2022 when Maya Nazor confirmed her breakup with Santa Fe Klan. The news surprised her followers on social networks only six months earlier. The couple had splurged honey by sharing the arrival of their firstborn, Luka. Amid rumors about an alleged third party in discord and alleged agreements about the child support that the rapper should pay for his baby, each continued without sharing details about it.

The issue was forgotten until March 2023, when a rumor began to spread about an alleged new love conquest of the artist from Guanajuato. According to several users of social networks, Ángel Jair Quezada Jasso (the real name of the singer) would have enjoyed a vacation on a paradisiacal Mexican beach with an influencer identified as Valentina Quirós.

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(Instagram photos)

Some photographs and videos sparked speculations that the influencer herself posted on her Instagram stories. And it is that, supposedly in an audiovisual fragment, would have reached to hear the voice of the interpreter of Te iré a Buscar. But that was not all. When a fan said he saw Santa Fe with a mysterious woman, who was later recognized as Valentina, aboard his truck, everything took force.

So far, neither of the two has confirmed or denied their alleged romance. Nevertheless, Valentina Quiros continues to share heartwarming images of her trip on her Instagram stories.

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(Instagram photos)

Who is Valentina Quirós?

According to the information on her social networks, she is a woman from Guadalajara, Jalisco, who has grown as an influencer during the last few months, as she has more than 835,000 followers on TikTok and 109,000 on Instagram. More information about her private life, such as her age, academic background, profession, or personal tastes, is unknown. However, thanks to her publications, it is known that she tried her luck in social networks approximately three years ago.

Her content goes with trends and occasionally tells anecdotes of her daily life. Among her Instagram followers is also an influencer, Juan de Dios Pantoja, Kimberly Loaiza’s partner.

(Foto Instagram: @valentina.quirosc)
(Photo Instagram: @valentina.quirosc)

Santa Fe Klan wanted to reconcile with Maya Nazor

The 23-year-old interpreter gave an interview for Pepe Garza in mid-January 2023. during the talk, he was questioned about how his relationship with the mother of his son changed after their breakup. With his answer, he hinted at the possibility of reconciliation, as apparently, they continued to have the same spark that characterized them as a couple.

She is not an enemy and never will be. She is the one who will always be there in my life. I’d better not say anything. I don’t know, sometimes they are personal problems that it’s better to keep quiet because we don’t know what’s going to happen,” he said.

My Luka is my Luka, and he will always see me with her (Maya) and every time I see her we will be fine, the rest is separate. I see her, we chat, we laugh, we are good. We don’t know what will happen, Luka is very young, let’s see what happens next.

Maya Nazor y Santa Fe Klan tuvieron un tórrido romance durante aproximadamente un año. (Foto Instagram: @santa_fe_klan_473)
Maya Nazor and Santa Fe Klan had a torrid romance for about a year (Photo Instagram: @santa_fe_klan_473).

In this way, the artist not only put on the table the possibility of resuming his love relationship with the mother of his son soon but also demonstrated his interest in being a present father in Luka’s life despite the differences he may have come to have with his ex-partner.

It is worth mentioning that since the scandal, Maya Nazor has not made any more statements about her cohabitations with Santa Fe Klan, as she has tried to continue with her content outside of her love life.