Who is Victor Zavala, Grupo Firme’s new member?

Víctor Zavala, the versatile multi-instrumentalist and former Grupo Corporación founder, now stepping into Grupo Firme as the new bassist.

Víctor Zavala has become the new member of Grupo Firme, replacing Christian Téllez. We will tell you who he is. Although there is no official announcement, everything indicates that Grupo Firme’s lineup is adding a new musician.

It is Víctor Zavala who replaces Christian Alejandro Gutiérrez Téllez, better known as Christian Téllez, 25 years old.

The bass player who left Grupo Firme was loved by all the fans of the group.

Víctor Zavala, new member of Grupo Firme
Víctor Zavala, new member of Grupo Firme (@victorfirme_ / Instagram)

Christian Téllez leaves Grupo Firme; Víctor Zavala will take his place

Several weeks ago, Víctor Zavala replaced Christian Téllez after he departed from Grupo Firme, which surprised more than one. It is worth mentioning that Victor Zavala has been on stage with Grupo Firme. He is a talented young man who has collaborated with the group for a few years.

Even since 2018, Víctor Zavala boasted on social networks about his relationship with Eduin Caz of Grupo Firme, with whom he recorded a duet at 16, and they became great friends.

Víctor Zavala y Eduin Caz
Victor Zavala and Eduin Caz (@victorfirme_ / Instagram).

Now on his Instagram account, @victorfirme_, he is already presumed to be the bassist of Grupo Firme.

Besides that, he has sent a message in networks thanking him for the opportunity in Eduin Caz’s band.

This is Víctor Zavala, the new member of Grupo Firme who replaced Christian Téllez.

Víctor Zavala, the new member of Grupo Firme who replaced Christian Téllez, is a regional Mexican musician originally from Sinaloa.

Although there is not much information about Victor Zavala’s life, it is known that from a very young age, he was interested in music, although the path was not easy.

Víctor Zavala and Grupo Firme
Víctor Zavala and Grupo Firme (@victorfirme_ / Instagram)

In social networks, Victor Zavala has shown that he has an excellent voice, plus he is quite versatile in playing several instruments, such as:

  • Bajo sexto
  • Electric bass
  • Drums
  • Accordion
  • Tarolas

Victor Zavala was also recognized for founding Grupo Corporación in 2018, a corrido band with which he released several singles and albums.

On a sentimental level, Víctor Zavala has a sentimental relationship with Julieta Espinoza, whom he met in 2019 and married in 2022, according to his social networks.

On Instagram, Víctor Zavala has 15,500 followers and describes himself as “A mortal who expresses himself with tunes.”