The tragic death of Laura Boyer, Ana Boyer’s sister and the daughter of a former minister

Discover the life of Laura Boyer Arnedo, the Spanish economist who lived away from the public eye. Learn about her last interview and the cause of her untimely death at 57.
  1. Laura Boyer Arnedo, Spanish economist and daughter of former Spanish Minister of Economy Miguel Boyer, passed away at 57.
  2. Despite her efforts to live a quiet life away from the public eye, her death has garnered attention due to the notoriety of her relatives, including her sister Ana Boyer Preysler and her father’s ex-wife, Isabel Preysler.
  3. Laura had a strained relationship with Isabel and spoke out against her in a final interview before her death. The cause of her death is speculated to be linked to her two-year battle with cancer.

Recently, it was announced that Laura Boyer passed away at age 57. Although she tried to stay out of the public eye, the news of her departure has resonated throughout the country due to the notoriety of her relatives, such as her sister, Ana Boyer Preysler, and her father’s ex-wife, Isabel Preysler.

The portal Vanitatis confirmed that the Spanish economist died Thursday night in Madrid. They assured everyone that her eldest son told the sad news to her friends and family, which had been leaked to the press.

Laura and her brother Miguel have lived relatively quiet lives away from the media, which is difficult considering that there were politicians and celebrities within their family.

Also, according to reports, she had distanced herself from her father and sister Ana due to her bad relationship with Isabel Preysler, the Spanish socialite who married Miguel Boyer in 1988.

Isabel Preysler and Miguel Boyer at a public event in 2002 (Photo: AFP)
Isabel Preysler and Miguel Boyer at a public event in 2002 (Photo: AFP)

Who was Laura Boyer?

Laura Boyer Arnedo is the daughter of Miguel Boyer, former Spanish Minister of Economy, and Elena Arnedo, a leading physician and women’s rights activist in her country.

Her parents divorced, and Miguel married the media star Isabel Preysler, who had previously been married to Julio Iglesias and Carlos Falcó. After this event, neither she nor her brother maintained a good relationship with their stepmother.

Laura Boyer with her sister Ana on the day of her father Miguel's funeral in 2014 (Photo: GTres)
Laura Boyer with her sister Ana on the day of her father Miguel’s funeral in 2014 (Photo: GTres)

She studied economics, although she only practiced her profession for a while. She married Luis Imedio at 27, a ceremony attended by several political figures. Later, she married again, but that relationship also ended in divorce. In total, Laura Boyer had four children.

Her last public appearance was at her father’s funeral. He died in 2014 of pulmonary thrombosis and was buried in the San Isidro Cemetery. Likewise, the death of her mother, Elena Arnedo, greatly affected Laura a year later.

Laura Boyer’s personal data

  • Full name: Laura Boyer Arnedo
  • Date of death: February 23, 2023
  • Age: 57 years
  • Children: 4
  • Parents: Miguel Boyer and Elena Arnedo
  • Siblings: Miguel Boyer Arnedo and Ana Isabel Boyer Preysler

What did Laura Boyer die of?

So far, there is no public information regarding Laura Boyer’s cause of death. Likewise, where her remains have been transported has not been made public, although it is presumed that they will be cremated shortly.

However, she had been battling cancer for two years, so it is speculated that her death could be linked to the disease.

The relationship with her father before his death

Laura’s intricate relationship with her father was well known, not only because of the ostentatious public position but also because of the pressure of being the daughter of a former minister. In an interview with ABC, Boyer described it as “a drag” to have his surname, which generated quite a stir in Spain some years ago.

However, he also boasted about his union with him, asserting that it was “indestructible that could only be broken with his death.”

Laura Boyer’s posthumous interview

Fifteen days before his death, Laura Boyer gave an interview to Semana magazine, which was published on March 1. In it, she lashed out again against Isabel Preysler, her father’s wife.

“Yes, I have had a relationship with Isabel, but with a lot of hypocrisy. Now we have no relationship. I had known her since I was young when she was with the Marquis of Griñón, and they went out to dinner with my parents. I started to treat her as a friend,” he explained at the time.

In addition, she referred to the socialite as someone very possessive and responsible for distancing herself from her father.

“Especially because I saw my mother very badly. For me, Isabel Preysler is a hyper-possessive person, who pushed my father away,” added the deceased.

The cover of the magazine with the controversial interview with Laura Boyer (Photo: Semana)
The cover of the magazine with the controversial interview with Laura Boyer (Photo: Semana)

More information about Ana Boyer

Ana Boyer’s data

  • Name: Ana Boyer
  • Date of birth: April 18, 1989
  • Place of birth: Spain
  • Profession: influencer