Who was Ángela Peralta, the singer to whom Google dedicates its Doodle this July 6?

Who was Ángela Peralta, the singer to whom Google dedicates its Doodle this July 6?

This Tuesday, July 6, Google users they discovered that the seeker was decked out with one of the famous Doodles.

Today’s represents a woman, dressed in a red dress, which seems to be performing on stage and that given some elements, it would mean that it is a singer giving a concert.

Indeed, Today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to the internationally renowned pianist, harpist, composer and lyric soprano Ángela Peralta, who is considered one of the most important Mexican opera singers of her time and her country.

The Doodle in honor of Ángela Peralta is due to the fact that on this day the 175th anniversary is celebrated for her birthday.

The singer was born in Mexico City, on July 6, 1845. His fame as a singer began when he was only 8 years old, after his solo performance of a cavatina (short aria) from the Italian opera “Belisario”.

At age 15, Peralta made his debut as a professional opera singer at the Gran Teatro Nacional, one of Mexico’s main opera houses of the 19th century. This performance received such acclaim that it prompted her to further refine her talent in Italy, the birthplace of opera.

In Milan, Peralta’s 1862 performance of the romantic opera “Lucia di Lammermoor” so impressed the audience that standing ovations brought her back on stage 23 times.

Such was the prestige that it achieved that He made several tours of the most prestigious opera houses throughout Europe, as well as in the United States. Her melodious voice led her to receive the nickname “Mexican Nightingale”, both for his mastery of the operatic lyrical style known as bel canto.

After many years abroad, Peralta performed again in Mexico City in 1871, at the Gran Teatro Nacional, and shortly afterwards decided to found his own opera company.

On its final tour in 1883, Peralta’s company traveled to the Mexican coastal city of Mazatlán, where today, his legacy is preserved in an opera house that bears his name: the Angela Peralta Theater.

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