Who will be the next participant to leave ‘La Casa de Los Famosos’?

Between Salvador Zerboni, Daniella Navarro and Rafael Nieves is the next eliminated from ‘The House of the Famous’. The viewers of the program will have to choose among themselves who they want to save from leaving the house and vote in their favor.

On the social networks of Telemundo Realities, the followers of the program have expressed different opinions about it:

“Actually, I don’t care who leaves.” “I’m sorry but since I don’t want any of these in the house I won’t vote,” “I am not Team Rafael, but I want Zerboni out. To vote for Rafael”, “I don’t vote because I don’t want anyone to leave them”, “To vote so that the least bad Rafa stays for me to get Daniella and Zerboni out ”, “My vote is for Rafa”, “Get out Daniel” and “Adios Daniela” are some of the comments that stand out.

Toni Costa, current leader of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ saved Ivonne Montero from elimination. This situation also generated various comments on social networks:

“Bravo Toni, very good decision”, “Waoo What a novelty everyone knew it”, “NOOOOOOO THE WORST OF THE NIGHT”, “Very good Tony, the only one worthwhile is ivon the other three who leave together”, “Good decision between the two of them, they have had a good relationship without any friction, so this salvation seemed good to me with a lot of logic”, “They know and he does not do it because he wants to do it because he knows that if he does not they crucify him” and “Yvonne and Tony have always had a good relationship,” they said on social media.

The last two eliminations of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ had Niurka Marcos and Osvaldo Ríos as protagonists, who viewers want out of the show, according to what they expressed through social networks through their comments on various Instagram posts.

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