Who will get paid this week

  • New check for $ 1,100 will be sent to millions of Americans who are eligible to receive more cash
  • Golden State’s first round of payments was issued on August 27 targeting low-income California residents
  • Eligible taxpayers will receive additional checks of up to $ 600 for each dependent

A new check for $ 1,100 will be sent this week to millions of Americans who are eligible for a second round of the Golden State Stimulus II payment in California, the California Franchise Tax Board announced.


Payments began shipping on Friday, Sept. 17 via direct deposit, however, many taxpayers who will receive the paper check in the mail will have to wait a couple more days to get the money, The Sun reported.

New check for $ 1100 will be mailed this week

check 1100
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To qualify for what would be the second round of these payments, you will need to file your 2020 taxes by October 15, 2021 and have been a California resident for more than half of tax year 2020 and on the date the check is issued. of 1100 dollars.

Additionally, taxpayers will be eligible if their California adjusted gross income is $ 1 to $ 75,000 for tax year 2020 or if their salary is $ 0 to $ 75,000 for tax year 2020. The first round of the Golden State Stimulus was issued on last August 27. So far, more than half a million Californians have received two $ 600 state stimulus payments known as Golden State checks.

They will issue a new round of the Golden State check

more money
The number of stimulus checks in the next round will be much higher, with around 2 million scheduled to be issued on September 17, Franchise Tax Board spokesman Daniel Tahara told Ktla 5.

In general, the state of California anticipates issuing stimulus checks every 14 days, although there may be times when payments are made before or after two weeks, spokesman Daniel Tahara said, according to the report.

Who will receive a $ 1000 bonus check?

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On the other hand, in the midst of a pandemic that has not ended, thousands of citizens still require financial support from the authorities to overcome the crisis, but who will receive a bonus check of $ 1,000?

The Florida government approved a $ 216 million budget to deliver a new round of bonus checks in the amount of $ 1,000 to each eligible resident.

Who will receive a $ 1000 bonus check?

Who will receive a $ 1000 bonus check?
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This aid is specifically intended for teachers and school principals in Florida, as the state wants to recognize your effort and commitment to education during these times of pandemic.

Last March, Governor Ron DeSantis requested $ 216 million for a third round of Education Stabilization Funds to reward the work of educational staff in a chaotic year in which they had to adapt to online education. .

$ 1,000 for teachers

Who will receive a $ 1000 bonus check?
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“Last year came with challenges that required an extraordinary level of determination and perseverance,” said DeSantis. That is why a direct deposit of $ 1,000 dollars and a message from the governor thanking their “devotion” will be reaching the teachers’ bank accounts, The Sun noted.

“While tens of millions of students across the country were denied the opportunity to attend school in person, Florida put students and their families first, making a huge difference for millions of students and families. across the state. This would not have been possible without their best efforts, ”he added.

“In recognition of their efforts”

Who will receive a $ 1000 bonus check?
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DeSantis has always been an advocate for education professionals and the benefits they receive for their work. In this opportunity, the aid will be delivered to more than 170,000 Florida resident educators.

“In recognition of your efforts and devotion to your students, the state of Florida is providing you with the attached $ 1,000. God bless you and God bless the great state of Florida ”, writes the local president in his message. Filed Under: Check for $ 1,100 this week.

More help for educators in Florida

new aids
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This $ 1,000 check was not the only help from the local government for educators, as DeSantis signed a bill last year to improve the average minimum wage for teachers, placing Florida as the fifth state in the country in this area .

A) Yes, base income increased to $ 47,500 annually. To accomplish this, the state allocated $ 500 million for regular educators and another $ 100 million for experienced teachers. Filed Under: Check for $ 1,100 this week.

Supporting education

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When the new minimum wage for educators was passed in Florida, Governor DeSantis said, “Hopefully, doing something like this will attract more people who may be young and think about what they want to do to maybe dedicate themselves to teaching.” .

As in Florida, New York has also announced a new check for up to $ 5,000 that will reach thousands of Americans in just a few weeks. As part of the Joe Biden American Rescue Plan funding, state legislators allocated about $ 6 billion in an aid program for its residents. Filed Under: Check for $ 1,100 this week.

$ 5,000 CHECK. New aid announced for thousands in New York

New aid announced for thousands in New York
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This program is the New York City Artist Corps (CAC) Through which they will deliver single payments, which will arrive at the end of October, specifically to some 1,800 artists in the state affected by the pandemic.

With this plan, New York hopes to promote the cultural movement in its jurisdiction, support artists so that they can maintain their activities and invite the general public to participate in cultural events and programs. Filed Under: Check for $ 1,100 this week.

Help for taxi drivers

$ 5,000 CHECK.  New aid announced for thousands in New York
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But it is not the only economic stimulus available. New York City will also be offering assistance to its taxi drivers. The local government has already approved more than $ 60 million in financial aid to boost the recovery of the taxi industry.

Precisely, this city is known worldwide for the service of its yellow cars. However, it has been affected by the rise of commuter companies such as Lyft and Uber and, in addition to the relentless competition, taxi drivers in the city have had to deal with a declining economy due to the pandemic. Filed Under: Check for $ 1,100 this week.