Who would be the first eliminated from MasterChef Celebrity Mexico 2023 competiton?

MasterChef Celebrity 2023 premieres this May 14 and it has already been announced who will be the first eliminated from the competition.

Just hours before the premiere of MasterChef Celebrity 2023, the first eliminated contestant was leaked, despite TV Azteca’s attempts to keep the details secret.

In American Post News, we have informed you that after a long wait and much expectation, the third season of MasterChef Celebrity will begin this Sunday, May 14, and will be hosted by Claudia Lizaldi, who takes Tatiana’s place.

Even though this new installment has generated a lot of criticism due to the drastic changes, it is also highly anticipated by fans of the show, who were delighted with the second season.

When does MasterChef Celebrity 2023 Mexico leave today?

Poncho De Nigris
Poncho De Nigris would be newly eliminated from MasterChef Celebrity

There will be 20 celebrities that will be part of MasterChef Celebrity 2023. Before its premiere, it was already leaked who would be the first eliminated, Poncho de Nigris the one who would say goodbye to the competition.

Although it has not been confirmed that Poncho de Nigris will be eliminated, Jorge “El Travieso” Arce’s comments have implied that it will be the influencer who will say goodbye to the most famous kitchen in Mexico. However, he was expected to become one of the most controversial celebrities.

The participants of MasterChef Celebrity 2023 are:

  • Poncho De Nigris
  • Alejandro Lukini
  • Jorge “El Travieso” Arce
  • Lis Vega
  • Jimena Longoria
  • José de Jesús Aguilar
  • Ivonne Montero
  • Emir Pabon
  • Irma Miranda
  • Alma Fuentes
  • Cibernético
  • Gabriela Goldsmith
  • Francisco Palencia
  • Romina Marcos
  • Monica Dionne
  • Manu NNa
  • Fabiola Campomanes
  • Eduardo Capetillo Gaytán
  • Pedro Prieto
  • Ana Patricia Rojo

Where to watch MasterChef Celebrity 2023?

MasterChef Celebirty
MasterChef Celebrity judges are Adrián Herrera, Zahie Téllez, and Poncho Cadena.

MasterChef Celebrity will premiere on May 14 on Azteca Uno and online on Azteca En Vivo.

The judges of MasterChef Celebrity 2023 will be Adrián Herrera, Zahie Téllez, and Poncho Cadena, who will make their debut on TV Azteca.