“Whoever likes it likes it”: Daniel Bisogno defended Belinda again

Daniel Bisogno does not agree with the way Belinda has been treated after her breakup with Nodal Photos: Instagram@bisognodaniel // Getty Images

the presenter Daniel Bisogno showed his support for the singer Belindawho has been the subject of comments, criticism and even ridicule as a result of his break with Christian Nodal.

The couple shocked the world of entertainment in Mexico a few days ago, when the end of their engagement was announced.

Comments of support, disapproval and also disappointment at the news were immediately unleashed, as fans of both thought that the famous couple would reach the altar.

Although neither Nodal nor she gave details about the causes of the breakup, social networks were flooded with speculation in which Belinda was the most affected.

It was thought that Nodal and Belinda would arrive at the altarIt was thought that Nodal and Belinda would arrive at the altar

Faced with such a situation, the driver of Ventaneando decided to raise his voice again to support Belinda.

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“He is a star in every sense of the word @belindapop whoever likes it likes it”he wrote on his social network, in response to a comment from producer Alex Gou where he highlighted the talent and professionalism of the interpreter.

His recent tweet is not the only comment that Bisogno has issued in favor of the interpreter of “In love you have to forgive.”

Just over the weekend he showed his anger at the viperous comments against Belinda.

Daniel Bisogno tweeted BelindaDaniel Bisogno again showed his support for Belinda

“Let’s see, enough pulling! No more attacks for @belindapop Here the two loved each other and no one did anyone a favor, @elnodal with all the talent and future in the world, but when he was a child Belinda was already a star and did not need anyone’s money. He has been forged on the basis (sic) of work, ”wrote the famous driver on the social network.

Although he did not mention it directly, Bisogno did refer to a widely circulated version of the breakup.

Said story mentioned that Belinda would have asked Nodal for a large amount of money; However, neither she nor the interpreter confirmed it officially.

The only thing Nodal expressed, who – by the way – was in charge of announcing the breakup, was that he was disappointed and warned Belinda’s followers to stop criticizing without fully understanding the situation.

nodal belindaNodal’s statement with which he announced the end of his commitment to Belinda (Photo: IG @nodal)

“You only think in numbers, in physical beauty. And which one to let me know if he was already the most listened to artist in Mexico and charting globally? And keep talking shit * and see later how they defend their artists. Keep the pretty, last warning”, he wrote in a tweet.

While in another message on his social network he pointed out: “The disappointment that I got. And as fans, it is better not to continue and leave the beautiful things because the only one affected is going to be Beli if she talks to herself in depth.

Before the wave of comments and speculations, Belinda decided to raise her voice and through her stories on Instagram she expressed:

“I have decided to let them in on part of my private life, with the understanding that mutual respect must be the framework of a good relationship. Unfortunately, in recent days, public figures and the media have crossed the barrier of respect reaching the point of issuing comments that constitute gender-based violence”.

Although he commented that he does not intend to appear as the victim of the situation, he did make it clear that he does not intend to remain silent. “Women are not forced to meet stereotyped expectations of a society that sentences us to behave in a certain way.”