Who’s Richer? Peso Pluma or Luis Miguel?

Peso Pluma's ascent in the digital realm contrasts with Luis Miguel's historic influence, both marked by their substantial earnings from music ventures.

In the limelight of Mexican show business, two names resonate with unmistakable influence: Luis Miguel, the enduring heartthrob of the ’80s and ’90s, and the contemporary digital sensation Peso Pluma. While one carved his legacy in a previous era, the other rides the crest of modern fame.

The “Lady Gaga interpreter” is currently shattering records on digital platforms, unlike Luis Miguel, affectionately known as El Sol de México, whose tunes defined an era.

The Sweet Sound of Success

Luis Miguel is tasting the fruits of a triumphant return, mesmerizing fans city by city on a world tour that spans Latin America, Mexico, and the United States. After years from the limelight, his re-emergence has been met with resounding applause.

Concurrently, Hassan Kabande Laija, known as Peso Pluma, captures the hearts of the younger demographic. With appearances at premier music events like the Video Music Awards and the Jimmy Fallon show, he solidifies his presence in the industry.

Peso Pluma rubs shoulders with the world's most famous people (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)
Peso Pluma rubs shoulders with the world’s most famous people (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

Earnings in the Spotlight

The intrigue surrounding the earnings of these two giants of Mexican music is intense. Peso Pluma’s financial demands for his performances have stirred up the industry. Julio Preciado, a veteran of regional Mexican music, openly criticized Peso Pluma for what he sees as an exorbitant rate of 15 million pesos per show.

He remarked, “It’s even economical because they have a trombone, a tuba, and two harmonicas. What a fiasco. It is even economical to do it (the corridos tumbados). We have up to 30 musicians on stage. With five ‘monkeys,’ you can charge millions of pesos. Peso Pluma, the last I heard, is asking for 15 million pesos. How much he is going to charge for his concerts in Mexico.”

This sentiment is echoed by El Coyote, who recounts his own sticker shock upon learning that Peso Pluma’s private performance fee stood at a staggering 20 million Mexican pesos.

Mexican singer Luis Miguel broke all possible records with his successful 2023 tour. Photo: REUTERS MUSIC-LUIS MIGUEL/
Mexican singer Luis Miguel broke all possible records with his successful 2023 tour. Photo: REUTERS MUSIC-LUIS MIGUEL/

Luis Miguel’s Lucrative Harmony

Luis Miguel’s financial success is no less astonishing. His 2019 tour, “Mexico Forever,” reportedly lined his pockets with an impressive sum ranging from 950 thousand to 1 million dollars per concert, exceeding Peso Pluma’s public fee, yet not quite reaching the latter’s private show rates. With his enduring appeal, it’s speculated that Luis Miguel’s current rates may surpass these figures.

The Wealth Behind the Music

Peso Pluma may just be striking his first chords in the music industry, but his debut has been extraordinary, placing him among the ranks of Shakira and Bad Bunny. Reports suggest a net worth ranging from 10 to 15 million dollars, affording him an opulent lifestyle of luxury homes, designer wardrobe, and high-end vehicles.

Luis Miguel and Peso Pluma: two artists who have marked generations in Mexico (Instagram lxmlm/pesopluma).
Luis Miguel and Peso Pluma: two artists who have marked generations in Mexico (Instagram lxmlm/pesopluma).

Luis Miguel’s Rich Rhapsody

In contrast, Luis Miguel’s financial symphony plays to a different tune. Celebrity Net Worth estimates his wealth to be near 180 million dollars, a testament to a long-standing and prolific career. His riches set a high bar, towering over Peso Pluma’s current earnings.

Despite the financial gap, Peso Pluma holds a deep respect for Luis Miguel, acknowledging him as the most successful Mexican singer in history.

As the debate over who commands more monetary clout continues among fans, what remains undeniable is the mark both artists have left on the music industry and the generational bridge they collectively span.

DetailLuis MiguelPeso Pluma
Concert Earnings$950k – $1 million per show15 million pesos per show
Private Show FeeNot specified20 million pesos per private show
Tour Name and YearMexico Forever, 2019Not applicable
Digital Platform SuccessNot specifiedBreaking records
Net WorthApprox. $180 millionBetween $10 – $15 million
Luxury AssetsNot specifiedHouses, designer clothes, cars
Global RecognitionLongstanding international fameCompeting with top global artists
Generational ImpactMarked ’80s and ’90s generationAppeals to younger audiences
Respect for Other ArtistNot specifiedExpressed admiration for Luis Miguel