Why Alejandra Ávalos suddenly gained 25 kilos

The actress said that she is currently in better health (Photo: Instagram by Alejandra Ávalos)

Singer Alexandra Avalos opened up about a health condition that affected her a couple of years ago and caused her to gain drastically in weight.

In this sense, it was in a recent interview with TV and novels where the also actress mentioned that it happened at times very difficult due to how the perception of his body changed.

“The last time I was good, weighing 60 kilos, was two years ago. But I had a medical complication and fell into the hospitalthey injected me with cortisone and I gained 25 kilos... Sometimes it is thought that one gains weight because we eat too much (…) it is not true, in my case it was a medical emergency situation, “he told said medium.

Ávalos explained that the problem occurred after he had the flu and, as part of the medical treatment he received at that time, he had to receive a blood cortisone application, for which He spent eight days in the hospital with an inflamed heart.

The interpreter delved into what to gain weight not only did it affect him physically, but his mental health was compromised, since she did not like looking at herself in the mirror and felt very uncomfortable with clothes that she previously wore with great confidence.

Alejandra Ávalos said that she gained a lot of weight and had a very bad time (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Alejandra Ávalos said that she gained a lot of weight and had a very bad time (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

However, he ruled that during this 2022 he underwent a new treatment that has helped him feel better and notice changes.

“I started it again in the middle of January; I decided to reset my body and andI lost ten kilos. Obviously it has to do with the type of food, I became vegan with a protein that is 100 percent absorbed by my body and is so pure that it directly feeds my muscles,” she said.

Alejandra Ávalos took the opportunity to point out that she is doing the famous diet keto and due to the results that you have obtained from this nutritional planor have you noticed that your clothes fit you again as before, in addition to the fact that parts of his body such as his face and ankles became deflated.

“I am very happy with the new Alejandra and the body that I am going to have in a couple of months,” she added.

Regarding her emotional stability, the artist rescued that during the time in which her weight increased considerablye felt depressed at times, since she could not find a possible way out of the situation that he was going through. But after trying her current treatment, she realized that it helped eliminate not only the cortisone, but also the toxins, fats, and water that he was retaining.

Erika Buenfil and Alejandra Ávalos (Dark Room Photo)
Alejandra Ávalos not only entered music, but she is also an actress (Photo Cuartoscuro) (Francisco Rodríguez/)

Who is Alejandra Avalos?

The native of Mexico City has stood out over the years for her multidisciplinary career. From singer to actress He has participated in Broadway adaptations and signed with major labels such as Warner, Sony, Atlantic and Columbia.

During an old meeting with the media, Ávalos said that it was thanks to Vicente Fernández that his career as a Mexican regional singer took off.

Thanks to the regional music number that he presented in the program Live conducted by Ricardo Rocha. The actress explained that after her presentation, “Charro de Huentitán” presented her with her label and from then until now she is a representative of the genre.

In a meeting with the media recovered by the sun risesAlejandra Ávalos commented that everything happened in the distant 1995, when she attended the program as a guest Live headed by Ricardo Rocha. According to the actress’s account of forgive me everythinga tape that he recorded with José José, mentioned that it not only captivated the public, but also called the attention of the “Charro from Huentitan”.


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