Why are Diego Luna and Gael García known as Los Charolastras?

Actors Diego Luna and Gael García have had the opportunity to make their work known in several projects. Still, some users do not know why they are called “Los Charolastras,” and here in American Post News, we share with you the reason for that nickname of the celebrities.

The celebrities have known each other since their youth. Although they have achieved popularity for their projects on the big screen, they have had a friendly relationship for many years, and over the years, they have been nicknamed like this.

In entertainment news, we have shared that the actors will surprise fans again with their respective projects, where Luna will be part of the series “Andor,” which will arrive on the Disney Plus platform. At the same time, Garcia is excited to return to acting.

Diego Luna and Gael García are known as “Los Charolastras”

The actors in the film “Y Tu Mama Tambien.”

That nickname knows the actors because it refers to the affection and love that the actors share, but that word was born from the movie “Y Tu mamá también.” In this film, the characters share a code and philosophy about friendship.

According to Tenoch and Julio, that word is a mix between astral charol and the mispronunciation of the lyrics of the song “Should I stay or should I go,” so the term means “vague.”

It is worth mentioning that the film is by Alfonso Cuarón, and that film was nominated for an Oscar for “Best Foreign Film.” On the other hand, the actors had a solid friendship.

Who is Diego Luna’s best friend?

Diego and Gael have had a solid friendship.

Some users have wondered who Diego Luna’s best friend is because the famous man’s best friend is Gael García, who have known each other since childhood since their parents were good friends. Since they have been friends for 30 years, they have also had projects together.