Why are many Canadians interested in using online bonuses?

From the fun factor to the promise of big wins, discover the various reasons that drive Canadian gamblers towards these offers.

The fact that people can win something automatically makes them more interested in it. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that online gambling websites focusing on the Canadian market and other parts of the planet draw a lot of attention.

Many of these sites have a lot of things in common because they share the same design features and options. However, Canadian players can use the Zodiac casino bonus code, and once they do that, they will realize that not all sites have the exact same things because some are better.

An interesting department where punters may find differences is the bonus section. Canadians often want to use as many bonuses as possible, even if they are not worth it. There are a couple of reasons why, and in this article, we will review all of them.

They are fun

It is debatable, but most bonuses for online casinos in Canada are fun to use. Many may look boring at first, but the fact that gamblers can use the additional funds and/or free spins to play something new and unique makes them interesting to try out.

Of course, the fact that the bonuses are fun does not mean that Canadians should use them all the time and for whatever reason. Since most require a real money deposit, they may end up spending a lot more money than they will get. That’s one of the reasons why the best sites always promote gambling responsibly because online betting has many risks. 

They think that bonuses save them money

Canadian symbol, the maple leaf, fallen on grass
The proverbial Canadian maple leaf

A common misconception among gamblers from around the world is that the bonuses for online betting are there to save them money. Sure, there might be cashback offers that do that, but in reality, most of the bonuses are designed in a way that requires people to use more money than initially planned. This is achieved by adding a wagering requirement, which means people must spend money to get what they’ve won.

Of course, there might be some exceptions, and gamblers in Canada could come across casinos that have money-saving bonuses. The bad news is that those rewards are rare because Canada is a developing market for iGaming, so most brands here try to offer as many offers that will give them more money as possible.

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The offers that can save people money are popular in other parts of the world, such as in Europe. For example, those who like gambling in Italy or France will probably find some offers that have those things. 

The bonuses promise big wins

Sadly, not all laws related to online gambling are strict, and experienced online casino fans in Canada are aware of it. Many of the brands that are registered in an offshore zone but are available in the country advertise all kinds of offers that promise them big wins. However, the reality is that they are only there so that people can deposit as much money as possible. 

The fact that some casinos have bonuses that promise a lot of money makes them a lot more popular than the rest. Canadians who don’t have a clue what to expect often believe those places and start using a given bonus. Sadly, this usually does not end well in the long run.

They want to use the offers to try out new games

Montreal casino building
One of the most popular casinos in Canada, Montreal

Not everyone who likes online betting plays the same games over and over again. Sure, many people do that, especially when they find a slot that offers cool perks, but others want to experiment and try new things. This is one of the big reasons why casinos provide bonuses for specific products.

One of the most common things among Canadian casinos is to come up with a new game and have a promotion for it. If we take a look at the games with real croupiers, for example, once a new title becomes available, the operator almost always adds a new promotion so that customers can put it to the test. Of course, this game’s RTP is usually not that high, so the chances of winning are slim.

If you are in Canada and want to use a bonus for new casino customers, make sure to read all of the rules. Many of them are not as good as you may think.