Why Capi Pérez could earn 1 million pesos

El Capi returns to the third season of LOL (Photo: YouTube / @ lamásdraga)

The well-known comedian and conductor Carlos Alberto Pérez Ibarra, better known as “The Capi Pérez ”, could be credited with the juicy sum of 1 million pesos thanks to the third season of the reality show LOL: Last One Laughing.

Although the final participant has yet to be revealed, El Capi will have to get a smile from 9 other comedians and influencers with whom he will be locked in a house for 6 hours. The objective of LOL is that only one of the participants is consecrated as the only one who did not release a gesture or grimace on his lips. The one who succeeded will take 1 million pesos.

This amount of money will be raised from the pockets of the comedians themselves., the judge and driver must collect the money and then explain the rules: there are two cards, one yellow and one red, the moment someone laughs, presses a red button, an alarm is heard and, as in the soccer, first admonish and then send off.

(Photo: Instagram)
(Photo: Instagram)

The comedians and influencers who have been confirmed so far are: Paco de Miguel, Mau Nieto, Gaby Navarro, La Bea, Coco Celis, Hugo “El Cojo Feliz”, Ricardo Perez and, of course, The Cap Pérez. However, it is not the first time that the host of La Resolana participates in this reality show, since in the second season he was eliminated by the standupero Ricardo O’Farrill.

Before the return of the driver, his fans were eager to see this new installment. “ANDThe previous one you disappointed me but surely this one you do better”,“ You deserved it last season ”,“ the true winner of season two ”,“the people who will see it will be for you”Are just some of the comments Cap received through his social networks.

Capi Pérez showing his breasts
The “Capi” received good comments on his return to LOL (Photo: Screenshot / Come the joy)

The production, which will be available through the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video As of December 10, it will have six episodes, with an approximate duration of 30 to 40 minutes. Notably, the comedy show is hosted by Eugenio Derbez.

The program will be divided into three parts. The first part will consist of two chapters that will be released on December 10, lThe next two on December 17 and the final two chapters on Friday, December 24.

In past seasons, we’ve seen The Golden Scorpion and the comedians Alex Fernández and Ricardo O ‘Farril, but this new season promises to bring many more laughs and surprises to its viewers.

Said show is understood to be inspired by a Japanese show produced by and starring comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto.

(Photo: Instagram: @Ederbez)
(Photo: Instagram: @Ederbez)

The Mexican adaptation of the reality show managed to give Derbez his first award nomination Emmys in the category of Best Presenter of a Daytime Program in Spanish, for his participation and conduction in the second season a year ago.

Eugenio Derbez has been one of the most prominent actors on current Mexican television, that is why it is not surprising to see him work in other productions so large that they seek to conquer not only the Spanish-speaking public, but also the American one, as is the case. from Acapulco, his most recent program broadcast by Apple tv.


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