Why could Meghan Markle testify at Prince Andrew’s trial?

They ask that Meghan Markle testify in the assault trial against Prince Andrew.

Photo: Paul Kane / WPA Pool / Getty Images

Now that Megahn Markle had finally managed to close a legal battle, the one he was fighting with several British tabloids for having published a private letter that she sent to his father, he could be involved in another, even indirectly, in the framework of the lawsuit. that a woman named Virginia Giuffre has brought against Prince Andrew for sexual abuse.

The lawyer for the alleged victim maintains that Prince Henry’s wife could be one of the witnesses called to testify in the trial because she, unlike other members of the British monarchy, is subject to US jurisdiction as a citizen of the country.

He has also pointed out that the former actress might have been in a position to obtain information about the behavior of her husband’s uncle or have heard other people mention something about it, and is counting on her to tell the truth about it if she finally ends up going upstairs. dais.

Prince Andrew lives completely retired from public life since he was related to businessman Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide in prison while waiting to be tried for sex trafficking, although he has always maintained that he was not aware of his activities. friend even though he flew in his private jet and stayed at one of his residences.

Virginia says that the son of Elizabeth II sexually abused her when she was a minor and has used the laws of the state of New York to try to bring him to justice.