Why did Carmen Salinas meet the drug trafficker Rafael Caro Quintero?

The actress Carmen Salinas placeholder image many years ago it was invited to eat with the “Boss” inside the North Prison, that is, the drug trafficker Rafael Caro Quintero, since the criminal thought the artist was familiar of the president of Mexico at that time, Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

The late singer and producer born in Coahuila was the one who related this unexpected event that happened to her during a video on her YouTube channel. The “Senior Adventurer” explained that at that time it was that met in person the “Narco de Narcos”.

How we report in AmericanPost.News, Carmen Salinas died at the age of 82 on December 9 after she was hospitalized for several weeks. The Mexican film, theater and television star left an indelible mark on the public for his career.

Carmen Salinas had a meal with Caro Quintero

Salinas assured that his encounter with the drug trafficker was pleasant / Photo: Radio Fórmula

Carmelita narrated how her encounter with him was leader of the Guadalajara Cartel during his stay in the North Prison. The meeting took place during a visit that Salinas performed to Pepe Magaña, renowned Mexican comedian who spent more than three years in the same penitentiary north of Mexico City.

“On one of the occasions that I went they told me, ‘The Boss’ wants me to come and eat here with him, -Which boss? I just saw him. you ”, explained the actress.

“They know who he was, Caro Quintero, a very handsome man, I had seen him in the newspapers,” declared the famous.

“He had his little table for his dining room and he had his little refrigerator … that day I remember that I ate some seafood from there in Sinaloa, so delicious … and Caro Quintero brought a very nice medal, but curdled with diamonds and in the middle an R in pure emeralds, an R for Rafael and she had a buckle but a lady also with her initials ”, recalled the famous Mexican. Rafael Caro Quintero is known as the “Narco de Narcos” because of his criminal record.

The drug trafficker thought that Carmelita Salinas would help him get out of prison

Salinas revealed that the capo asked him the favor of interceding for his release with the then Mexican president Salinas de Gortari, whom he thought were family members since their surnames coincide: the The former president’s father was called Raúl Salinas Lozanowhile she is Carmen Salinas Lozano.

“They thought we were brothers, what’s more, the Salinas de Gortari family and the Salinas Lozano family treated me very well; Carlos called me aunt ”, he highlighted.

Confused by the family relationships between the then president and Carmen Salinas, drug trafficker Caro Quintero offered to pay the country’s debts and a economic fund in exchange for their freedom; but the famous woman could not intercede for him since she had no relationship with the politician.

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