Why did Kourtney’s wedding include Christian iconography if she doesn’t practice this religion?

This Sunday kourtney kardashian Y Travis Barker married for the third time after their illegal wedding in Las Vegas and the civil union that took place in Santa Barbara so that they could say that they were really married before heading to Portofino and Say yes I do in the presence of your loved ones.

The images that have been published on social networks reveal that the ceremony included many nods to Christian iconographyincluding the embroidery of the Virgin that adorned the bride’s veil, the statue that presided over the altar before which they exchanged their vows or Mary’s brooch with the baby Jesus that Kourtney wore in another of her dresses.

This detail has surprised many, and It has even unleashed harsh criticism against the couple for using a religion as a mere theme for their party.

Officially, The Kardashians do not belong to any church or religious denomination.but they present themselves as a very spiritual family with Christian values ​​that prays often and reads the bible.

Travis, however, did grow up in a Catholic home. and has a tattoo of the Virgin Mary on his forearm, which He explains that his wife would like to include the odd nod to this figure in her outfits.

The rocker explained a few years ago that he does not go to church every daybut he does continue to believe in God and pray as he did when he was little, a habit that he has also instilled in his own children, so it makes sense that their wedding followed part of the Catholic tradition.

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