Why do Aracely Arámbula and Ricky Martin hate each other?

Aracely Arambula is one of Mexico’s most significant figures in the show business. Well, she already has more than 30 years of experience on the small screen that support her.

Her extensive career in the world of television has positioned her as one of the public’s favorites. However, many do not know the story of why she and Ricky Martin cannot be seen even in painting.

And it is that Ricky Martín has been one of the best-known Latin figures internationally from a very young age. He rose to fame with Menudo, and one of the countries where he had the most fans was Mexico.

This is the reason why Aracely Arámbula hates Ricky Martin

Although her relationship with Luis Miguel was the most mediatic, the truth is that Aracely Arámbula had many boyfriends, so it would be one of them that caused this enmity between the two celebrities.

“La Chule” had a relationship with actor Eduardo Verastegui in 1998. The two met when they filmed the telenovela Soñadoras, but allegedly Ricky Martin got into the relationship and conquered Verástegui, who left Arámbula with a broken heart.

According to the journalist Ana María Alvarado, who currently appears on the Sale el Sol program, it was Arámbula herself who confessed that secret, the journalist stated that Fabián Lavalle, Aracely, and she were watching a Ricky Martin show, and it was the cool the one that said:

‘That guy you see there singing took my boyfriend away from me,’ at that time, Eduardo Verástegui, that’s what he told us. I remember it perfectly”.

At that time, Ricky Martin was at the height of fame and had not announced anything about his sexuality, so his relationships were a secret.

This is why neither of the two celebrities can be seen even in painting.

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How old is Aracely Arámbula?

La Chule was born on March 6, 1975, in Chihuahua, so he is currently 47 years old and debuted in soap operas in 1994 with a small role in Prisionera de Amor. However, she also had appearances in the first years of her career in Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma, although his greatest successes came years later.

Aracely swept the small screen with her participation in “Abrázame muy fuerte” or “Las Vías del Amor,” Corazón Salvaje,” “La patrona” and now she triumphs with the remake of “La Madrastra.”, as we told you in American Post News.