Why does Antonio Banderas’ daughter deny her surnames?

Why does Antonio Banderas’ daughter deny her surnames?

Antonio Banderas and Stella del Carmen Banderas.

Photo: Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

A few years ago the only daughter they have in common Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith He surprised locals and strangers by announcing that he wanted to continue the family tradition by starting a career in front of the cameras, like his grandmother Tippi Hedren, his parents and his older sister Dakota johnson.

Until then the 25-year-old had been known as Stella Banderas Griffith, although her real name is Stella del Carmen in honor of her Spanish roots, but now wants it to be shortened simply to Stella Banderas, as revealed by the legal documents that he presented to which the Page Six portal had access.

This decision does not respond to a question of family problems nor should it be interpreted as a sign that the relationship with his mother has recently deteriorated.

Your request is due to a simple marketing and practical question, because he wants to follow the professional steps of his parents and she prefers to be known as Stella Banderas without more.

I don’t normally use ‘Griffith’ when I refer to myself or in the documentation, so removing that name would make it match the one I use on a regular basis, ”she explained.

His latest business project is launched under this firm, a perfume brand that clashes with the studies that Dramatic Art has already started.

On the other hand, Melanie Griffith seems not to be upset with her daughter’s choice, since he continuously shares his love for her on his social networks and checks for misunderstandings.

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