Why Fresh Orange Juice Is The Best Drink For Regulating High Cholesterol

A glass of unstrained orange juice every morning is ideal for lowering LDL cholesterol and, in turn, lowers apolipoprotein B and LDL / HDL ratio values ​​in people with moderate hypercholesterolemia.

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It is impossible to focus on general health and especially the heart without paying attention to cholesterol levels. It is well known that high cholesterol is one of the antecedents par excellence of cardiovascular diseases and complications. Although naturally, the body needs a certain amount of cholesterol for the formation of cells: Too much cholesterol can lead to serious health complications. The most common problem related to high cholesterol is clogged arteries, which, unfortunately, can be extremely damaging. And although high cholesterol in some cases can be genetic, it is usually related to lifestyle, habits and of course: the quality of food. Based on this, in recent months all kinds of recommendations have come to light on the best and worst foods to control cholesterol. It has recently been discovered that une of the best everyday drinks to reduce high cholesterol levels is 100% fresh orange juice.

According to nutrition experts, orange juice with no added sugar; that is natural and fresh It is a great drink to boost overall health and strengthen the immune system. Specifically, it provides the body with the nutrients it needs to protect it from various diseases and infections. Although for years it has been considered a valuable ally in protecting us from bouts of influenza and flu, its power as a drink with great cardioprotective properties.

What are the benefits of orange juice to regulate high cholesterol?

Orange juice is a wonderful morning drink for regulating cholesterol levels, as it is a naturally sweet drink that contains no fat or sodium, and is loaded with vitamins and minerals. In fact, there is scientific data, in which it has been shown that Drinking 100% natural orange juice is linked to the reduction of total cholesterol, as well as LD cholesterol. In addition, this drink can also increase HDL cholesterol, also known as ‘good’ ”.

According to a review and meta-analysis published in Phytotherapy Research, it was found that drinking orange juice every day can result in lower total cholesterol levels. The review suggests that there may also be a link between orange juice and insulin sensitivity, but this is not fully proven. Therefore it is very important to make sure you drink 100% orange juice with no added sugar to reap all the health and cholesterol-lowering benefits. Also for obvious reasons it is important to be careful with the quantity, a glass of freshly squeezed juice a day is more than enough.

Another genius that makes orange juice a great natural ally to control high cholesterol is its fiber content. The secret to making the most of all the nutrients and fiber it offers is to drink the juice fresh and without straining. (because it loses fiber), a glass in the morning is ideal to reduce LDL cholesterol and, in turn, apolipoprotein B and LDL / HDL ratio are lowered in people with moderate hypercholesterolemia.

The truth is that orange juice is one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature, it is full of vitamin C, potassium, flavonoids and essential oils. Not surprisingly, in recent months much has been said about their benefits to enhance the health of the immune, digestive, intestinal and heart systems. In fact, orange juice has been shown to bring other benefits that are worth mentioning.

There is a recent study in which the benefits of the intake of fresh orange juice to combat inflammation and oxidative stress were endorsed. The findings of this study, which was funded through an unrestricted grant from the Florida Department of Citrus, are consistent with a previously published FDOC-funded review that reported the beneficial effects of hesperidin, the primary bioactive compound found in oranges and 100% natural orange juice, on the reduction of some markers of inflammation and oxidative stress. Chronic inflammation can play a key role in causing or advancing some chronic diseases, including heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. According to statements by Gail Rampersaud, Florida Department of Citrus Registered Dietitian: “We know that 100% orange juice contains a number of nutrients, including vitamin C, as well as beneficial bioactive compounds that have the potential to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. “

So now you know: orange juice is a drink that adds to the list of the best foods to fight high cholesterol. Although, at this point we all know that there are no “magic remedies”, there are magnificent allies that help us improve health and prevent chronic diseases that deteriorate quality and life expectancy.

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