Why has boosting online presence been particularly important for entertainment providers in recent years?

It is a diverse sector that includes television programs, the film industry, streaming content, video games, audio and video recordings, radio, books and much more. Despite the diversity of formats, many of these activities use a web page to maximize their visibility.

This industry has been particularly impacted by technological development and electronic commerce. The television industry that developed until the end of the 1990s is practically non-existent and has been replaced by digital entertainment, mainly on mobile devices.

This new audience that has developed in the midst of the internet and mobile devices era, wants “on-demand” entertainment (digital television, news, sports, movies, music, etc.). And you also want to access entertainment whenever and wherever you want.

The media and entertainment industry has had to transform to meet user requirements and thus has become a completely digitized industry. Today this industry is getting most of its revenue from smartphone users.

The bulk of entertainment is streamed online through apps. Youtube (for everything), Spotify for music; Netflix, Disney, HBO for series, movies, documentaries; apps dedicated to broadcasting news, sports. In short, users have entertainment available at a click on their smartphone, at the time and place they want.

This turnaround in the media and entertainment industry has required the industry to fully adapt and address the digital world. In this adaptation, the online presence of any company that is, or has an interest in entering the entertainment industry, becomes especially important.

Presence on the global network is essential. Starting with a professional web page with attractive design and content that contributes to building the identity of the brand. Most customers will visit a company’s website before making a purchase.

What is online presence?

Building a brand’s online presence can be a daunting task, but it will definitely be the difference between reaching or not reaching your target market. When talking about digital presence, reference is made to all kinds of information that appears on the internet about a person, brand, company, institution, government, etc.

A brand first appears on the internet through its website. But also in videos, social networks, marketing content, paid advertising, apps, forums, etc.

Digital presence is also the impression the brand makes online when interacting with its customers and target market.

One of the main communication and sales channels today is social media. Companies use social networks such as twitter or Instagram to solve problems, receive complaints, communicate news, events. They are also perhaps the main information channel today. All important news and communications are posted on social networks and are searched for first by brand followers.

The presence of entertainment companies on the network

In the particular case of the entertainment industry, online presence is essential. Starting because the entertainment transmission medium of a large part of this industry, as is the case with the streaming sector, is a web platform.

According to a report by PWC, the subscription video industry will reach a value of $81.3 million in 2025. This is a huge figure and that is why it is not surprising that the intense competition that has been unleashed between the players of this market and that is being waged mainly on the net.

The big players in this industry today are Amazon Prime, Discovery, Disney, Netflix, and HBO. They compete using any digital space and social media is fertile ground for digital marketing.

An example is the launch last year of the HBO Max platform in Spain. The Twitter portion of the campaign won Twitter’s #BestOfTweets 2021 award. In the campaign, the branded hashtag #HelloHBOMax was used and a live show was made to interact with the user community, inviting them to express how they felt and to use an emoji together with the hashtag #MiHBOMatch.

The competition to attract consumers in the entertainment industry is being waged online on all fronts. Large volumes of content are produced daily by digital marketing agencies to reinforce the launch of a movie, a platform, a news or sports app. A recent form of marketing is influencer marketing, one of the most important trends in digital marketing.

The media and entertainment industry has had an exponential growth driven by the internet and mobile devices. With the massification of 5G it will receive an additional boost and the online presence will continue to be the main objective of digital marketing.