Why is Camilo Blanes, Camilo Sesto’s son, supposedly evicted and penniless?

Camilo Blanes, only child the late singer Camilo Sesto He is evicted and penniless due to multiple organ failure, according to statements made by an alleged friend to Mexican media.

It was in November 2021 when Camilo BlanesThe 38-year-old suffered an accident on one of the roads in Madrid, Spain, which left him unconscious. On being taken to the hospital they discovered that some of his vital organs were not working as they should.

The high costs of medical treatments and the length of time that the singer-songwriter’s heir has been ill caused financial damage to the family, which is not enough to cover hospital expenses.

This information was disclosed by a close friend of the family, whose identity was not disclosed, to the medium TV Notes. According to this source, Camilo Blanes he needs a miracle to be able to save himself.

“He can no longer breathe on his own and he just had a tracheostomy. He had a probe, they wanted his lungs to do the job on their own with oxygen, but a few days ago the respiratory system collapsed. In addition, their kidneys and liver do not work ”, points out the same source.

Lourdes Ornelas, mother of Camilo Blanes, has had to resort to signing promissory notes so that her son continues to receive medical attention because her famous husband’s inheritance is under legal process and what they deposit each month is not enough to cover expenses doctors.


On the occasion of your birthday, Camilo Blanes organized a party that lasted for days and was full of excesses. During the event, he is said to have used drugs and alcohol until he decided to go for a ride on his bike.

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After the accident he was thrown unconscious on the road in inclement weather until he was found. Since then he has remained hospitalized and sedated awaiting recovery, but doctors discovered that his lungs, liver and kidneys are not working as they should, according to a family friend in Mexican media.