Why is Ferrari banned from selling new cars to Floyd Mayweather and other celebrities?

Floyd Mayweather – Photo: Jason Koerner/Getty Images

There are things that money can not buy. An example of this is that Floyd Mayweather Jr. and other celebrities are part of the Ferrari’s “blacklist”; that is, they are prohibited from buying new vehicles from the famous Italian car company.

Despite the lack of an official statement, the boxing legend is banned by the Italian brand, due to the controversies in which he has been involved throughout his career. This is indicated by the Italian portal MotorBox.

It is important to clarify that Mayweather has several cars with the “Prancing Horse” (most in white) like the Ferrari 488. However, the sports car manufacturer does not have it considered to own its latest models.

“Money” amassed a fortune exceeding $1.2 billion dollars, by achieving a record of 50-0 in the ring. Among the “unwelcome customers” of Ferrari also appear:

  • Justin Bieber
  • Kim Kardashian
  • 50 Cent
  • Nicolas Cage
  • Chris Harris
  • David Lee
  • Deadmau5
  • Tyga
  • Preston Henn
  • Blac Chyna

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