Why is it important to clear the WhatsApp cache and what benefits does it offer to your phone

Cache files can take up a significant amount of phone memory

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Over time Applications like WhatsApp tend to store cache files that, when accumulated, often cause phones to slow down or that the app may have errors.

Paradoxically, these cache files are used by WhatsApp to offer faster response times to users. However, these can take up significant space in a phone’s memory if they are not removed from time to time.

One of the easiest signs to spot that it’s time to clear WhatsApp’s cache is when the app takes longer than normal to load. or when it seems that when writing the words appear in slow motion.

In these cases, it is common for users to try to uninstall the application and then download it again, however, this effort in many cases does not achieve any change since it does not clear the cache.

Next, we are going to explain how you can access the WhatsApp cache so that you can delete it and improve the performance of your phone:


1. Settings

First of all you must go to the settings menu of your phone whose logo is identified with a gear symbol.

2. Applications

Once the user is on the settings screen, they must locate apps option. when accessing it the next step to follow is to identify and click on the button corresponding to WhatsApp.

3. Storage

At this point the user will have to click on the storage optionwhich will redirect you to a new window where you will finally have to pclick on the clear cache button.

This process may take a few secondsbut after doing so, the person should experience a significant improvement in the performance of both their phone and the application.


In the case of users with phones with iOS operating system, these must also access the settings area of ​​your teams to be able to remove the files from the cache.

Afterwards, the user will have to enter the data and storage option, and then go to the storage use section where you can view each of the conversations stored on your computeras well as the space that each of them occupies.

Here the user will be able to select the content they want to delete. However, if you have backups turned on, you will most likely be able to re-download this content if you wish.

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