Why it is not recommended to watch Netflix from Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser in the world, so millions of people use it daily to browse the Internet. Some even use it when accessing their Netflix accounts to enjoy series and movies.

However, this It might not be the best decision since Google’s browser does not allow you to take full advantage of those subscriptions that have the ability to play content in 4K resolution.

The Ultra High Definition (UHD) of the platform is not compatible with the browser because Netflix does not allow them to play their content with this level of quality. The reason for this is that Chrome, like other popular web browsers, uses a software system known as DRM.

Since this is a software version and not a hardware version, Netflix does not have any mechanism to prevent the user from recording it when connecting to the platform and playing the content.. This is why, in order to prevent your content from being pirated in this way, Netflix chooses to block access to content in 4K resolution from Chrome.

In this situation, users who wish to watch movies or series through this channel will only be able to do so with a maximum resolution of 720pthat is, in the minimum quality to be considered High Definition.

The opposite occurs if they choose to log in directly from a 4K TV, since in this case the platform will recognize that it is being accessed through the Netflix application and therefore it will allow the person to see the productions in maximum definition.

For all this, it is not advisable to pay for a 4K capable subscription if the user intends to access the platform from their computer since you will be paying for a service that you will not actually use.

An alternative that can improve the resolution from a computer is to use a browser other than Chrome. Although this will not allow you to enjoy the content in 4K, it will make it possible for the user to see the content in 1080p, that is, in Full HD quality.

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