Why it was said that Talina Fernández died and what really happened

She is Talina Fernández from Veracruz, the swimming coach passed away on February 16 (Photo: facebook.com/talina.f.resendiz)

On the night of February 16, the information about the death of a Veracruz woman, the young Talina Fernández, started to circulate. Her death occured on Veracruz-Cardel highway and the woman died after accidentally hitting a trailer.

The also influencer promoted sport on her social networks and according to her Facebook profile, she was a swimming coach much loved by her fans.

The coincidence of name with TV host Talina Fernández caused the anguish of many people, because they believed the deceased was the actress. Some media outlets began to spread that La dama del buen decirhad passed away.

In the face of confusion, the producer attended the program Sale El Sol to deny her alleged death, in which she also sent her condolences to the relatives and loved ones of her namesake.

“I want to take the opportunity to send my deepest condolences to the family of this girl which is my namesake, I am deeply sorry, may God give you the strength to bear this great pain and it was not me, she was my namesake that had my same name and surname and well, was not me” mentioned the driver Talina Fernandez.

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In the segment, the drivers asked her if her relatives had also been confused and had tried to contact her, to which Talina replied “No, no one has written to me.”

(Screenshot @Talina Fernandez on Youtube)Talina Fernández is the namesake of the young woman who died (Screenshot @Talina Fernandez on Youtube)

The presenter Gustavo Adolfo Infante shared that he had been with Talina during the night of Wednesday, February 16. “I was with Talina and her son Pato Levy until 8:30 at night.”

Since the driver left the place around 8:35 p.m., he was not aware of the accident suffered by Talina’s namesake. Gustavo Adolfo Infante attended the Emanuel and Mijares concert. “If I had known, I would have denied it immediately because I had been there with her”, mentioned the presenter.

Some of the programs conducted by Talina were La cosquilla (1970), Mujeres, mujeres y algo más (1970), En Punto (1972) and Punto Final (1972). Her visit to the morning Imagen Entretenimiento confirmed that she is alive and the one who truly died had homonymous name.

The host Talina Fernández appeared at Sale el Sol to talk about the confusion (Photo: Twitter screenshot/@saleelsoltv)
The host Talina Fernández appeared at Sale el Sol to talk about the confusion (Photo: Twitter screenshot/@saleelsoltv)

According to the Sale el Sol‘s driver, the confusion occurred because initially, the information spread on social networks, was that a woman named Talina Fernández had died, so hours passed before the identity of the influencer was confirmed. It should be noted that the morning show was late to contact their colleague, which increased the concern.

At the end of January of this year, the presenter, journalist and producer revealed that she went through a very difficult financial situation more than a year ago, which led her to sell all her jewelries.

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Talina currently has no jewelry to wear, but she considers herself very happy to have a new job and feel calm about her emotions.

Talina Fernandez
Talina had to sell her jewelry in an economic crisis (Photo: @talinafernandezoficial 7 Instagram) (Photo: @talinafernandezoficial 7 Instagram/)

In mid-2020 it was announced that Talina Fernández was ending her radio program and, a few months later, the rumor began that she was going through a very hard economic crisis which would have come along with the coronavirus pandemic.

“Yes, there was a time when I had to sell my jewelries. I left Televisa, they didn’t hit me, what’s that called when they pay you to leave? Well, it didn’t touch me here. So, I’ve been through some really tough times. Having no money and needing a job is no shame, you just have to keep looking for it and it will come”, she confessed for Primera Mano.

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