Why sleeping in separate beds can be beneficial in your relationship

Why sleeping in separate beds can be beneficial in your relationship

Believe it or not, the issue of bed, sleep and sleep can cause serious relationship problems, to such an extent that many decide to end their relationship with the intention of recovering his health and his hours of rest.

And it is that in a matter of sleep, there are all tastes, ranging from the type of mattress, bedding, the issue of noise and darkness. But the most important thing is that enough sleep is not enough, since quality is important for good health.

Many people already have sleep problems and if to that is added that the couple becomes another “fight” in bed, the situation can become tense between both individuals.

On the subject, Eric Marlowe Garrison, certified sex counselor and president of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, explains that there is nothing healthier for a couple than sleeping apart.

On the subject, a study by the University of California at Berkeley found that poor sleep can lead to conflict in relationships, and another by the Paracelsus Private Medical University found that lack of sleep and problems in relationships often go away. hand in hand.

To this, Garrison adds that he has proven that couples who sleep apart have a better sex life.

In the family environment, it is also proven that having a good quality of sleep has a positive impact on the ability of parents to attend to the needs of their children and solve problems at home.

Of course, experts indicate that the decision to sleep in separate beds must be consensual, since if one of the parties does not agree, this could generate problems in the relationship.

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