Why Telegram is safer than Whatsapp or other messaging services

Since its launch in 2013 Telegram It has been characterized as a highly innovative instant messaging application. Such is the case that it has become commonplace to observe that time after this app launches a new function, it is replicated by its competitors, such as WhatsApp.

This has earned it the status of being considered a much safer service and proof of this is that it was the first messaging application to incorporate message encryption to protect the information that its users share with each other.

This prevents third parties from having access to the messages, since they use a security protocol called MTProto 2.0 that encrypts the messages between the client and the server.

“Telegram is more secure than other mass messaging apps like WhatsApp or Line. We use the MTProto protocol designed from time-tested algorithms to make security compatible with high-speed message delivery and reliability on weak connections.

Telegram has a system of rewards and contests that offer the possibility of winning up to $300,000 if the user is able to detect a flaw in the system.

In addition, as it is an open source application, anyone can analyze how it works and detect any vulnerability, something that does not happen with other applications such as WhatsApp.

Although Telegram does not offer the end-to-end encryption feature like other apps do, there is a security reason. Thus messages can be stored in the cloud protected so that the user can access them from multiple devices.

This allows you to have a backup copy of all the messages that is encrypted. For their part, applications like WhatsApp, although they allow you to back up messages and files received, do not have any type of security, which makes them vulnerable to possible attacks by third parties.

Nevertheless, Telegram offers the possibility of having end-to-end encryption through secret chats in which the messages are deleted after a time preset by the users.

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