Why they killed Selena Quintanilla, photos of the bullets she received

  • The question Why did they kill Selena? still in the air 26 years after the murder
  • Yolanda Saldívar shot him in the torso on the right side
  • Images of his body emerge in the morgue and cause outrage in networks

Because they killed Selena. More than 26 years after the death of Selena Quintanilla ‘Reina del TexMex’, at the hands of partner, Yolanda Saldívar, it is known why they killed her and they show photos of her corpse with the bullet she received from her also president of the club fans, according to a post on Twitter.

As will be remembered, it was in March 1995 when it was reported that one of the most beloved and acclaimed singers by the Hispanic public, Selena Quintanilla, was murdered at age 23 by her fan club president and her partner, who was in charge of the management of its boutiques.


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The news fell like a bucket of cold water for his thousands of fans both in the United States and in Mexico, since with his charisma and talent, he won the hearts of all of them, with his unique lips, his movements and his outfits, was the figure of many Hispanics in those years.

But no one imagined, not even herself, that she would be a fan, her administrator and right hand in business, who would end her life after a heated discussion, a few shots were enough to end the career of a young woman who made her way through the difficult world of music.


Queen of TexMex
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Today, Selena is one of the legends of the TexMex genre that will not be easy to supplant, since she comes from a family full of musical virtues, which has earned prestige especially in the United States with its Hispanic audience that recognizes the Quintanilla dynasty.

But despite the fact that his death was many years ago, more and more data and images appear that keep his story alive, which he resigns himself to die, because his fans follow him at every step he takes on social networks, as well as him. they follow up on their family and their ex-partner.

Why they killed Selena: ‘ENEMY AT HOME’

Yolanda saldivar

Like many other artists, the death of the ‘Queen of TexMex’ shook the most sensitive fibers of her family, friends, acquaintances and followers. She was a woman who with her unique smile captivated almost everyone and fell in love with her movements full of rhythm and flavor.

But her voice was her cover letter. With her charisma it seemed that she would never have enemies or at least that she would always have people who loved her by her side. But it was not like that, he had the ‘enemy at home’, all the time and it was a very close person who became his murderer.



Now, images of the alleged corpse of the ‘Queen of TexMex’ and the bullet she received from her administrator emerge and cause outrage on social networks. These images had hardly been seen, they were published by the user @MorelEdgar and that have caused a sensation.

It is noted that the images shown below are very strong, therefore discretion is recommended. The images are not suitable for minors and have rarely been viewed. These images are similar to those that have circulated from other artists such as Valentín Elizalde.


Why did they kill selena
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It is a pack of 4 photographs in which the singer appears on the plate of the forensic medical services, covered only with a white sheet. In the first photograph you can only see his neck, his body upside down and with what appear to be the tubes that were put on the oxygen mask.

In another photograph, the exit hole of the bullet can be seen, his body is from the front and a part of his face can be seen. In the following image from the back and the entrance hole of the warhead, on the torso on the right side and in the last image you can see her body lying on the plate with the white sheet. Filed Under: Why Selena Was Killed


Yolanda saldivar
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But even and with all the sadness that the death of the singer generated, a piece of news that shattered the hearts of her fans was knowing that Yolanda Saldívar could be released and be released from jail in 2025 for good behavior, according to information on the portal. Who.

The defendant recently turned 60 and has now received the news that she could be released for good behavior. According to the Hoy program, the sentenced woman was notified as follows: “She was notified by a Texas court that, in 2025, she can process her probation for good behavior.” Filed Under: Why Selena Was Killed

Why They Killed Selena: BACKGROUND

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As will be remembered, Selena Quintanilla, known as the ‘Queen of TexMex’, was killed by a firearm shot by Yolanda Saldívar. One of the lines of investigation pointed out that both argued because the singer allegedly discovered mismanagement in her finances.

However, many doubts remained in the air, but since then the family has been in charge of keeping the artist’s legacy alive through their songs and their biographies and more than 20 years after her death, the followers keep her memory alive in their hearts.

Why They Killed Selena: THE GREAT TRAJECTORY

Why did they kill selena
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The singer rose to fame in the 90s for some of her hits such as’ Como la flor ‘,’ amor forbidden ‘,’ Si una vez ‘,’ I don’t have any more ‘,’ The boy from apartment 512 ‘,’ La carcacha ‘,’ Bidi bidi bom bom ‘, among many others that remained in the public’s taste.

According to the Quien portal, the singer’s father said in an interview in 2018 about the possibility of her getting out of jail: “As for me and my family, we don’t care if they release her right now, let her go, nothing is going to return to my daughter, but I believe that she is in a safer place, because, 23 years later, they have her alone in a cell, they have not let her go to the prison population because they know that they kill her there ”.

Why was Selena killed: DANGER

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In the same interview with Tony Dandrades, Abraham Quintanilla, Selena’s father, victim of her murderer Yolanda Saldívar, added: “We receive letters from women who are in that prison where she is and they say they are waiting for her and they say they are going to kill because they are women who have killed before and that is why they are there, they have nothing to lose, “he said.

It would be interesting to see Selena’s funeral clothes in another article we have published.

Given the fact that the accused has pleaded not guilty on several occasions, the artist’s father said at that time: “She can say thousands of things, but the reality is that she did kill my daughter and it was not an accident, it was an accident. moment of anger, because they were firing her ”.

They miss her

Queen of TexMex
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After 25 years of his death, the musician and brother of the singer, AB Quintanilla published a tender message in his honor. “I met her for the first time when I was 8 years old. I remember that day as if it were yesterday: while I was waiting anxiously outside our house, telling all my friends in the neighborhood that I had a new baby sister and that she was coming home. “

He added: “The rest is history, not the kind that the family expected or wanted, but we have to deal with it from day to day. The world 25 years ago lost a superstar … 25 years. My parents lost their baby and Suzette and I lost our little sister. Today is just another day missing Selena.”